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How to maintain the earphone

Update Time: 2024-04-30 11:41:36

1. Do not expose the earphone to liquid or damp places;

2. Do not use abrasive solvent to clean the earphone;

3. Please try to avoid placing the earphone in the environment of low temperature (below 0℃), high temperature (above 45℃) or great temperature difference for a long time. If you stay in these environments for a long time, the activity of the battery is vulnerable to destruction, resulting in battery damage;

4. Do not expose the earphone to open fire to avoid the risk of explosion;

5. Do not touch the earphone with sharp objects, which may cause scratches or damage;

6. Do not insert anything into the earphone, it will damage the internal components;

7. Do not attempt to dismantle the earphone;

8. If you do not use the earphone for a long time, please ensure that the earphone is placed in a dry place. If the earphone is placed for more than a month, you should charge it on time to ensure the working performance of the battery and the earphone.

9. Clean the charging pillar of the earphone in time after exercise to avoid sweat entering the charging box, which may lead to failure to charge;

10. Clean the earphone charging pillar regularly to avoid dust and paint backlog, resulting in poor contact with the charging box and failure to charge.

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