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realme earphone one side is not working

Update Time: 2023-11-24 17:48:52

If your earphone one side is not working, it is recommended that you perform the following troubleshooting steps:

Wired earphones:

1. Please switch other sources to test it. If switching to other sources is normal, it may be a problem such as Source or App.

2. Please check if there is any dust or foreign matter in the earphone hole. This may cause poor contact. If there is dust or foreign matter, you can try to clean the earphone hole with a clean, soft brush.

3. That the earphone is not fully plugged in may cause noise or silence. For example, the phone is equipped with a protective case, which prevents the full insertion of the earphone, and there is no sound from the earphone. Please try after you unplug the earphone again.

4. The interface, wire, coil, etc. where the current will pass is damaged, which will cause the earphone to be silent or have current noise. Please use new earphones.

Neckband earphones:

1. Go to Phone Settings > Bluetooth to check the connection status of the earphone. If it cannot be connected, please refer to realme earphone cannot be connected or the phone cannot search the earphone for troubleshooting. 

2. Please refer to the earphone upgrade guide to upgrade the firmware to the latest version. Please refer to realme Earphones Firmware Upgrade Guide.

3. Please confirm whether the power of the earphone is sufficient. It is recommended that you charge the phone for at least 10 minutes and try again.

4. Please upgrade your phone to the latest version.

5. Check if there is dirt at the earphone USB port. Repeat plugging and unplugging several times, then use a cotton swab to clean the dirt.

6. Reset the earphones and check again. Refer to Article: How to reset the realme earphones?

True wireless earphones:

1. Click phone Settings > Bluetooth to check the earphone connection status. If you cannot connect, please refer to realme bluetooth earphone suddenly disconnected or connected to other devices to other devices to troubleshoot the problem.

2. Please refer to the "realme Earphones Firmware Upgrade Guide" to upgrade the earphone firmware to the latest version.

3. Please upgrade your phone to the latest version of realme UI.

4. After taking out the dual earphones, put them into the case separately, and check whether the indicator light is on when the single earphone is put into the case. If the indicator light is off, the charging contacts of the earphone are in poor contact. Please clean the contacts before placing them in the charging case.

5. After taking out the dual earphones, put them back into the charging case and close the cover, reopen the cover after 5 seconds, and try to take out the earphones.

6. Please refer to "How to reset the realme earphones?" to restore the earphone to factory settings and then re-pair and connect to the phone for use.

If the problem still exists, please bring the purchase certificate to the nearby realme Customer Service Center for help.

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