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Use realme smart home devices with Google assistant & Amazon Alexa

Update Time: 2021-09-15 08:54:21

1. Forword

All realme smart home products can be connected to realme Link APP. You can control your devices through realme Link. If you have a Google assistant or amazon Alexa on your phone, you can authorize the realme Link to them, and then you can use the Google assistant or Alexa to voice control your realme smart products.

2. Control your device with Google Assistant

1. Before you start, make sure that your smart home device is connected with Wi-Fi and can be controlled by realme Link.

2. You have a Google Assistant-enabled phone device (i.e.Google Nest).

3. Down the Google Home app and install it on your phone, log in your Google account.


4. Create a home as instructed.

5.Click "+" in the upper left corner, then select “Set up device”


6. Select “Have something already set up”. Search for realme Link in the search bar to synchronize realme Link information with Google Home.



7.Click "realme Link" , and log in your realme account; click ”Authorize” to authorize Google to access your realme smart devices.

8.Now Google Home can access smart devices in your realme Link, select devices and add to a room.


9. Choose a room for the device, you can also custom the room name.


10. Now you have finish adding the device. The device will show at the home page in Google home.


11. You can directly control your device in Google home.


12. Now, you can use the Google assistant to voice control your device.


13.Voice control instructions for realme products:

realme smart plug: turn on <device name>; turn off <device name>

realme smart bulb: turn off <device name>; turn on <device name>; turn off all the lights; turn on all the lights; Adjust <device name> to <*** percent> brightness. Brighten the <device name>; Dim the <device name>; Set <device name> to 50%; Dim/Brighten <device name> by 50%; set the <device name> to <supported color temperature>: warm white, bright white, daylight, evening, reading, relax, soft white

set the <device name> to <color name>; Is the <device name> on?; What is the brightness level of <device name>?

3.Project the image of the realme Smart Camera onto the TV

1. First, make sure that the camera information is synced from realme Link to Google Home

2. Log in your Google account in your TV.

3. Make sure your phone and TV are connected to the same WiFi network. Then your TV device will appear on the Google Home page

4. Turn on the voice function of the TV and give a voice command: "Hey, google, show camera"the "camera"is your device name. Then you can watch the camera image on your TV


4.Control your device with Amazon Alexa

1. Before you start, make sure your smart home device is connected with Wi-Fi and can be controlled by realme Link.

2. You have an Alexa-enabled device (i.e. Echo,Echo Dot and Amazon Tap).

3. The Amazon Alexa app is already installed on your smart device and you have created an account.

4. After opening the APP, click to enter the "More" page and select "Skills & Games"

5.Search for “realme Link” in the search bar.


6. Click realme Link, select “ENABLE TO USE”.


7. Log in your realme account, now your realme link is successfully linked to Amazon Alexa.


8.In device page, select corresponding product type to see the device from realme Link that has been synced to Amazon Alexa.


9.Click the “+” in the top right corner to create a group, such as a room. You can add your device to a group.


10.You can switch the entire set of devices on/off by clicking the switch button on the created group icon.


11. On the home page, tap or say “Alexa” as instructed, now Alexa is ready to receive voice instructions. Say an instruction to it, such as "turn on my plug" and it will receive and execute the instruction. Note: unlike the Google assistant, it does not display what you say when receiving your voice instructions. If you can't use voice control successfully, make sure your pronunciation is standard and close enough to your phone.


12. Voice instructions available for different realme products:

realme smart plug: turn off <device name>; turn on <device name>

realme smart bulb: turn on <name of light>; turn off <name of light>; brighten <name of light>; dim <name of light>; set <name of light> to <*** percent>; set <name of light> to <color>; turn <name of light> <color>; turn <name of light> to <color>; make <name of light> <color>; make <name of light> to <color>; set <name of light> to <supported color temperature>; make <name of light> warmer; make <name of light> softer; make <name of light> yellower; set <name of light> to warmer; set <name of light> to softer; set <name of light> to yellower; make <name of light> cooler; make <name of light> whiter; make <name of light> bluer; set <name of light> to cooler; set <name of light> to whiter; set <name of light> to bluer.

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