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Charging Issue: How to Charge your Battery in an Effective & Efficient Manner?

Update Time: 2021-09-15 08:54:35

The realme is designed and developed in a specific manner that it will create the maximum ease to the user. Are you wonder how to get rid of battery problems? Yes, we can understand that you have the bundle of questions in your mind. Every user always eager to know 2 specific questions:


1. How to charge their smartphone faster?

2. How to expand the lifespan of their smartphone’s battery?


Here you have an unrivalled solution to charge your realme smartphone battery and quick-fix all the troubles:


Manage & Optimize your battery power:

In realme devices, you can manage your applications and the settings to save more power. You can easily navigate this feature by choosing the “Settings”> “Battery” > “Smart Power Saver” options. When we are calling it a smartphone then, we mean it. This is why you just require to navigate some unique options and your device will work accordingly. Optimization also helps to find the issues and it will prompt in your screen then, you can follow the recommendation. To navigate this feature you just need to click on “Save power”, then you can check which application required optimization. Here click on “Lengthen battery life” followed by “Done.”

There are other power saving features also available in your device that you can use when you wish:

1. Power Saving

2. Smart Power Saver

3. Custom Power Saver

4. Power Consumption Details

5. Smart Power Saving Scenarios


These points will help you to understand your device in a better manner.


Here are some recommended tips to increase the lifespan and make your smartphones battery charged swiftly:

1. The ideal comfort temperature of battery should be between 15-30 degree Celsius. Lower or higher temperature may direct to the battery degradation.

2.  Put the charging plug once your battery percentage goes down to 10% and according to normal standard rule you can plug out the charging once it reaches 80%.

3.  In the case of discharge never try to make your device fully charged this may cause ineffecient outputs.

4.  Update your device as recommended because this will add some new key factors that will ultimately affect your battery status.

5.  Auto-Brightness feature helps to extent the battery life and also good for your eyes.

6.  Always charge your device with the original adapter and cord.

7.  Try not to use the device while charging.

8.  When you are not using GPS, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, make sure to turn it off.

9.  Try to close down all the background running applications while there is no use.

10.  The Low Power Mode is the easiest way to extend the battery life.


These points will definitely help you to get rid of battery problems. Yes, now you can have a healthy battery in your device

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