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Hanging issue: What If your phone is hanging while switching between applications?

Update Time: 2021-09-15 08:52:58

Applicable to all the realme devices.

Hanging issue can be annoying to you. This issue is persisting as per the increasing excessive usage of applications. The user is always advised to use the applications smartly along with they should follow some safe patterns. 

The recommended steps are to resolve the hanging issue in your realme device:

1. Clear Background Apps.
2. Update/Download All Applications from Play Store.
3. Download High Rated Apps from Play Store Settings>>App Management>>Select Apps>>Storage Usage>>Clear Cache.
4. Perform regular clean-up to clean junk files.
5. Perform regular scanning of the device from security centre.
6. Move Large Files/Photos/Video to SD card. 

These are very simple steps that can rectify the hanging trouble and the user can easily switch between the applications without any hang. 

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