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Hanging issue: What If your phone is hanging while switching between apps?

Update Time: 2022-10-18 17:47:55

Problem phenomenon:

On the multitasking page, there is a hang issue when switching apps quickly.



1. When there are multiple programs running in the background, the processor resources will be continuously occupied. It may result in hanging when switching apps.

2. When the storage space is insufficient. It may result in hanging when switching apps.

3. Window animation scale, Transition animation scale, or Animator duration scale has been changed.

4. The phone system version is too outdated.


1. It is recommended that you clean up the background programs and turn off unused system settings. Such as games, video apps, personal hotspots, GPS, etc.

2. It is recommended that you clear the phone storage space in time.

realme UI 1.0 & ColorOS 6.0: Settings > Additional settings > Storage

realme UI 2.0: Settings > Storage 

realme UI 3.0: Settings > About device > Storage

realme UI R & Go Edition: Settings > Storage. Please click Clean in the Storage page and select unnecessary data to clean. It is recommended that you keep at least 20% of the storage available.

3. Please enter the phone settings, search and enter the developer options, and set the default parameters of "Window animation scale", "Transition animation zoom", and "Animator duration scale"  to 1x.

4. It is recommended that you check and upgrade the system to the latest version. The new version can achieve a better user experience and system performance.


realme UI 3.0: Settings > About device. Click Up to date on the top to check for updates. If there is the latest version, you can download and update it.

realme UI 1.0&2.0: Settings > Software update

realme UI R & Go Edition: Settings > System > System update

ColorOS 6.0: Settings > About device.

If the problem still exists, please back up your data and bring your purchase certificate to the realme customer service center.

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