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How to prolong the battery life?

Update Time: 2022-07-18 17:04:23

realme phones use Lithium batteries. Lithium batteries have no memory effect. When a new phone is used for the first time, it does not need to be activated by multiple charging & discharging and it can be charged at any time.

Correct use of the phone can effectively prolong the service life of the battery and prevent the battery from accelerating aging. It is recommended that you follow the steps below:

1. It is recommended that you use the original charger for charging. It is difficult to guarantee the quality of non-original chargers, which may damage the battery during the charging process and reduce the battery life.

2. Don't wait until the battery is exhausted before charging. Over-discharging the phone will have a certain impact on the battery. After the phone is fully charged, it is recommended that you unplug the charger to avoid long-term charging or long-term high-power state to accelerate the aging of the battery so, as to prolong the battery life.

3. Try to avoid using the phone while charging, especially when using high-power applications. At this time, the phone heats up, and charging and discharging for a long time at a high temperature will accelerate the aging of the battery and shorten its service life of the battery.

4. Too high or too low temperature will affect the battery life of the phone. We recommend that you try to avoid using the mobile phone in an environment with low temperature, high temperature, or large temperature differences.

5. If the phone is idle for a long time, it is recommended to turn off the phone and charge it regularly to maintain about 50% of the power. If the phone is not used or charged for a long time, the battery may trigger over-discharge protection, resulting in abnormal charging or failure to charge.

If the battery of the phone has not been durable, it is recommended that you go to the nearest realme Customer Service Center for testing. If the phone is out of warranty, please log in to realme official website > Spare parts price inquiry to check.

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