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How to fix the camera problem by using the Camera Troubleshooting?

Update Time: 2022-04-22 11:13:49

To fix the camera problem follow the given troubleshooting:

1. Do a clear cache of the Camera.

Go to  realme UI 1.0&2.0: Settings > App management >App list > Camera >Storage usage> Clear data/Clear cache.

             realme UI 3.0: Settings >Apps>App management > Camera >Storage usage> Clear data/Clear cache.

2. Reset the camera setting the default.
3. Optimize and reboot your device.

Also, we suggest our users to follow below mentioned when taking the pictures:
1. Please clean the lens with cotton cloth or glasses cloth.
2. Please click on the shutter again after the completion of the focus.
3. Change a brighter place to try.
4. Please choose suitable picture mode and adjust the parameters of the camera settings (if there is a professional model then, you can adjust the camera shutter time sensitivity through professional model parameters such as exposure time).

If the problem occurs frequently, it is recommended that you bring your purchase certificate to the realme Customer Service center for testing.

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