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How to fix the Fingerprint Issue?

Update Time: 2022-07-18 16:49:01

To fix the fingerprint issue kindly follow the below troubleshooting steps to resolve it:

1. Please ensure that your fingers and the screen surface are clean and not dirt when unlocking;

2. Go to

realme UI 1.0: Settings > Fingerprint, face & password > Fingerprint

realme UI 2.0: Settings > Passwords & biometrics > Fingerprint

realme UI 3.0: Settings > Passwords & security > Fingerprint on the phone.

It is recommended that you delete the original fingerprint, re-enter the fingerprint and try again. When entering, please adjust the position and angle of the touch of the finger and press it moderately, so that the area of fingerprint entry can be increased, and the probability of successful unlocking is higher; If the area is too small and the entry location is single, the unlocking success rate may be low.

Please to further troubleshoot according to your fingerprint unlock type

  • If your phone/tablet fingerprint is in the screen, it belongs to the in-screen fingerprint unlocking:

In principle, the optical fingerprint unlocking on the screen needs to obtain the light intensity reflected by the fingerprint of the finger. If the film does not meet the standard, it will affect the light transmittance, making the reflected light intensity weaker, resulting in insensitivity to unlocking. Therefore, it is not recommended that you use a non-realme official film. Besides, it is recommended that you tear off the film and try again. 

  • If your phone fingerprint sensor is on the back, side or under the front of your phone:

If your fingers are easy to peel, the fingerprints will easily become shallow. It is recommended that you record a few more fingerprints.

  • If fingerprint enroll failed:

    1. When adding fingerprints, ensure that the fingers and fingerprint buttons are clean.

    2. Try to replace the finger several times, it may be caused by not getting the complete information of the fingerprint.

    3. Back up data and reset factory settings, or try to upgrade to the latest version.


        ColorOS 6.0Settings > Additional Settings > Backup and Reset > Reset to factory settings > Erase all data, enter the password and click "Clear Data".

        realme UI 2.0 & 1.0: Settings > Additional Settings > Reset Phone > Erase all data, enter password and click "Clear Data".

        realme UI 3.0: Settings > System Settings > Back up and reset >Reset Phone >Erase all data, enter password and click "Clear Data".

        realme R & Go Edition: Settings > System > Reset options >Erase all data, enter password and click "Clear Data".

If the above methods still cannot solve your problem, please back up your data in advance, and take the purchase certificate to a nearby realme Customer Service Center for testing.

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