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How to Fix the Internet Connection Problem in Smart Devices?

Update Time: 2022-08-26 11:57:17

1. Is the phone in arrears?

You can call the operator to check whether the remaining phone bill is sufficient and the phone will not be able to surf the Internet normally.

2. Is the phone setting correct?

a. Please confirm whether the mobile data is turned on, pull down the notification bar > check whether the mobile data is turned on.

b. Please confirm whether the default network card is correct, go to Settings > SIM card & mobile data  > Default Internet access and select the correct network card.

c. Please confirm whether the APN settings are correct, go to Settings > SIM card & mobile data> click the corresponding SIM card > Access point names > two dots in the upper right corner > Reset access points.

3. Check for network.

a. If you are using a 5G phone, please turn off 5G and try again. The 5G network is still in the early stage of construction, and there are 5G network compatibility problems in some areas, resulting in the phone being unable to access the Internet after turning on 5G. It is recommended that you turn off the 5G switch and try and go to Settings > SIM Card & mobile data> 5G, turn off 5G and try again

b. Please restart the phone and try again. Sometimes a temporary network failure will result in the inability to access the Internet through data services. Turn on the airplane mode or restart the phone to see if it can be recovered.

c. Please try after changing the current location. It is recommended that you compare the surrounding phones with the same operator's SIM card. If this phenomenon occurs, it may be that the network quality of your location is poor and that you cannot access the Internet. You can restore it after changing to another place. 

d. It is recommended that you reset the Wi-Fi.

realme UI 1.0 & 2.0: Settings > Additional Settings > Backup & Reset > Erase all data(factory reset) > Reset system settings only /Reset network settings

realme UI 3.0: Settings > System Settings > Back up and reset >Reset Phone > Reset network settings

ColorOS 6.0: Settings > Additional Settings > Backup and Reset > Reset to factory settings > Reset system settings only

realme UI R Edition & Go Edition: Settings > System > Reset options > Reset Wi-Fi, mobile & Bluetooth

This operation will restore Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and mobile networks, so, please proceed with caution.

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