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How to Fix the Internet Connection Problem in Smart Devices?

Update Time: 2021-09-15 08:53:25

This is applicable to all the realme devices.

Bad internet can make you annoying and it can happen because of various reasons. The internet issues are very common and frequently occurring trouble in Smart devices. A strong internet connection will help to browse and download fast, that is actually a wish of every user.

Let’s start to troubleshoot the internet obstacles of your Smart device:

1. Due to call:

The internet connections may get hampered due to calls. When the user doing call and also want to connect the internet at the same time may find connection issues.

*Are you wondering why? Here is the deep detailing of signals how it actually works and why the user get internet problem or a poor connection over-call.

In case, if there is any bug at any step, then both the internet connection and the call signals get interrupted.


Let’s go through with more Detailing: When the user of device A wants to connect with the Device B then, he/she will go through the 3 middle steps before to connect with each other. The user of device A will dial the number of user B, first, the call will go the server that belongs to device A> then to the “Base Center”> Now the Base center will direct the call to another server that belongs to the user of device B> Afterwards device B will rings. This is how one call process starts and ends.

*Every time it cannot be the fault of your device there might be issued in the signals. 


2. Due to the poor performance of the device:

Sometimes, due to the overload the device starts performing slow. In this case, the internet signals become poor. The user can “Restart” their device, this will refresh the internal system of their smartphone.


The internet problem is not any serious cause, the user can rectify the issue on their own. The SIM signals also played a very important role to achieve good signals. So, don’t get panic with internet issues it can easily handle. For the normal relief, the user can put their device on “Aeroplane Mode” for a while and you can also try to “Change the Location” for the better signals. 

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