How to Fix the Touch Screen Malfunction?

Update Time: 2021-09-15 08:53:41

Kindly check if the following scenario is malfunctioning and finds the corresponding solution:

1. If the screen of the phone is stained with water, sweat or dirt, the water, sweat, dirt, etc. on the screen will affect the screen touch response. Please keep your phone clean and clean, and wipe the phone screen clean.
2. If the screen of the mobile phone has a film, the screen film is too thick, which will affect the touch sensitivity of the screen. It is recommended to use a film with a thickness of no more than 0.2 mm. It is recommended to use the original matching mobile phone protective film.
3. If the phone is in an abnormal ambient temperature (above 50° or below -20°), the abnormal temperature will cause the screen display and touch function to be abnormal. Please move to the normal ambient temperature before using your phone.
4. If the mobile phone is in a strong electromagnetic field (microwave oven, induction cooker, power station, etc.) environment, the electromagnetic field will have an impact on the touch screen function. Please use your mobile phone away from strong magnetic fields.
5. Non-standard charger and data cable charging, non-standard charger shielding interference are weak, may affect the touch screen function of the mobile phone. Please replace the standard charger and data cable to charge your phone.
6. If using a single app is not sensitive, it may be caused by the application itself. Please download and update to the latest version through the official software store, try to update the mobile software version, and then check whether it is restored.
7. If the system function is not sensitive, you can reset the phone setting and restore the factory settings (Settings >> Additional Settings >> Back Up and Reset >> Factory Data Reset >> Reset System Settings) and restart.

We hope this will help you. If the issue persists kindly let us know.

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