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How to Handle the Camera to Click Quality Pictures in your realme Devices?

Update Time: 2021-09-15 08:55:18

Today is the world of a camera phone as everybody wants to capture the moments. Not all the users use their camera effectively. As per the growing technology, we have abundant features to get a perfect shot by your smartphone. Earlier, it seems outlandish to capture any good quality shot without DSLR but now you just need to be a little peculiar while buying any smartphone. The realme and many other companies have launched a splendid quality pixels camera in their smartphone. Here, you have diversified features in one device and you can use it for multi-purpose.


Let’s start to click pictures:

1. Go to the “Camera” icon to capture.

2. Adjust the light according to the shot. If it is a day shoot then, you may find bright light that may cause overexposure. This will change the actual colour of the subject. So you need to decrease the level of light.

A. Click on the camera to “Focus” the subject and adjust the light by “Exposure Bar.”

B. Adjust the “Flash Light” as per the light.

C. If you want the HDR picture then, turn on the feature accordingly.

D. The user can put a timer to click the shot after how many seconds and also adjust the frame in the manner of “Standard”, “Square” & “Full Screen.”

3. In downside the screen, you have the icon to “Zoom” the subject in multiple times, “Beauty filter” and “Editing Options.”

l In “Portrait Mode”, you can focus the subject and rest of the objects will get blur. Here you can add different types of lights, “Timer” to give some time to get adjust and different type of “angle” to capture perfectly.

a. Here you can have a little more fun by choosing “Sticker” while clicking.

b. By choosing “PANO”, you can have panoramic shot by swiping on the screen from left to right.


4. In the end, you have “Expert” feature, this you can use to add your expertise. If you have good camera skills then, you can have a professional shot. This is not any typical task, one can easily navigate the features by choosing the particular options.

In the selfie, you can choose the features by tapping on it and that will reflect in your click.

5. In video:

A. Normal video

B. Slow-Motion

C. Time-Lapse

*Some models doesn't support Slow-motion. 

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