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How to handle the heating problem while playing games?

Update Time: 2021-09-15 08:55:08

To handle the heating problem while playing games, kindly follow the below-mentioned troubleshooting steps:

1. Turn off GPS, Bluetooth, hot spot, WiFi, Auto-sync when not use.
2. Turn on auto-brightness adjust.
3. Clear background Apps and tasks.
4. Limit the App self-starting in the phone manager.
5. Don't download too many apps at the same time.
6. Don't put the phone in the bedding/ plush items, better not use a particularly thick phone protector.
7. Restart the device.
8. If the weather is very hot, it will also affect the heat dissipation of the phone.
9. If the phone worked on the poor internet signal for a long time, will also cause heat and power consumption.
10. Add the respective Game apps to the game space (Open Game Space>>Tap on Add Manually>> Select the game application>> Tap on Balanced mode) For better performance.
11. Update the game application to the latest version.
12. Delete the photos, music, messages, videos or other files that are no more needed.
13. Go to 'Phone Manager' for optimization. You can also click 'Full clean up' to clear memory files and cache junk to further free up storage space on your phone.
14. Do not use the phone while charging especially playing games, watching videos and making calls etc.

We hope this will help you. Further, if the issue persists kindly let us know.

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