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How to hide application icon in realme device?

Update Time: 2021-09-15 08:54:29

This is applicable to all the realme devices.

Are you seeking for application security? Did you ever try to hide application in your realme device? Of course, we can understand the security concerned. Well in realme device you can make this without any hassle. This unique feature is called “App Lock.”


To navigate Hide Application feature.

-Go to “Settings> Security> App Encryption> Enter the privacy passcode> choose the application> enable Hide Home Screen Icons”> Set Access Number> Wait for 3 seconds.


-This will show you “Hide Home Screen Icons, Don’t Display in Recent Tasks & Don’t Display Notifications.” All enabled.


-Now to access the application go to the dial pad and put the access number, this is will show you the hidden applications. You can hide multiple numbers of applications at a time.


*To disable this feature simple choose “Seetings> Security> App encryption> Enter Privacy Passcode> choose the application that you have hidden> disable the Hide Home screen Icons.”

This is how you can easily enable and disable the “Hide Application” feature. In case of any technical bug you are always open to visit the nearest Service Center. 

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