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How to Manage Unrecognized SIM Card Issue in your Smart Device?

Update Time: 2021-09-15 08:52:51

This is applicable to all the realme devices.

SIM card recognition is the prime factor for any device. In an exceptional case, if a user finds their SIM card doesn't work or showing no signal, then the below troubleshooting steps can rectify the hurdle.


If you encounter a SIM card that is not recognized, we recommend the following troubleshooting:

1. Please use a standard Nano-SIM card, do not use a non-standard SIM card or cut the card yourself. Cutting the card may cause the SIM card to be unrecognizable or damage the phone. It is recommended that you go to the business hall to get the original standard Nano-SIM card.
2. Please confirm whether the card is placed correctly, whether the gap of the SIM card and the card slot correspond.
3. If the SIM card is used for a long time, wipe the surface of the chip with alcohol or replace it with a new standard Nano-SIM card in the business hall. The SIM card is used for a long time, and the metal surface is easily oxidized, causing probabilistic ignorance.
4. If you are using a telecom card, the full Netcom and Telecom customized mobile phones can be used. Some other models of the model may not be available.
5. Do not plug or unplug the SIM card while the power is on. After shutting down, insert the SIM card, then restart the phone and try again.
6. If you try to change the phone card and still can't read it, the card slot may be damaged. Please backup the data in advance and contact realme customer service for consultation.

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