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How to navigate the Home Screen & Wallpaper?

Update Time: 2021-09-15 08:52:23

This is Applicable for all the realme devices.

Explore the device feature always give you something more to know. In the Home Screen & Wallpaper in the settings have many things to offer. Let’s explore one by one:

1. Home screen Mode

You have two options to choose for the Home screen mode.  

A. Standard Mode:

All installed apps are displayed on the main screen. Touch and hold an app icon to display app shortcuts for managing or uninstalling the app. 

B. Drawer Mode:

Swipe up on the main screen to enter the Apps Drawer screen. All installed apps are displayed in the drawers. You can move important apps to the main screen.  

2. Show Apps Prediction:

This option will predict the feature inside the application. You can activate this feature by choosing “Settings > Home Screen & Wallpaper > Turn on the Show Apps Prediction.” Now to check this feature go to the home screen then, press & hold any particular application. Now you will get the inside details on the main screen without getting open an application.  

*Note: This is not applicable to each application.


3. Add Apps to Home Screen:

This will add all the installed applications to the homescreen. “When turned on, newly downloaded apps will be added to homescreen.” You can navigate this by choosing “Settings> Homescreen & Wallpaper> Turn on the Add Apps to Home Screen.”  

4. Home Screen Layout:

This feature offers the screen layout, here you have two options:

A. 4*6:

In this screen layout you will have a little bigger application icons on the display. 4 numbers of applications in the row and 6 number of applications in the column.  

B. 5*6:

In this screen layout you will have 5 number of applications in the row and 6 number of applications in the column.  
“Settings> Home Screen Wallpaper> Home Screen Layout.”


5. Set Wallpaper:

This feature will help you to change your home as well as lock screen wallpaper. To navigate this feature choose “Settings> Home Screen Wallpaper> Set Wallpaper.”
These 5 features of Home Screen & Wallpaper will help you to navigate the options in a better manner. 

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