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How to Navigate the Screen Recording feature and its benefits?

Update Time: 2021-09-15 08:55:04

The benefits of the screen recording

1.1 In the case of only one mobile phone, it is very convenient to demonstrate the app operation and record the screen with the mobile phone;
1.2 In the video with friends and relatives, the screen can record a beautiful and warm moment;
1.3 You can record some fun on your mobile phone, such as game screens, exciting moments, etc.
1.4 When watching a movie or a TV series, the screen can record the desired paragraph and share it.

The screen recording function introduction.

2.1 Path:Settings-->System Apps-->Screen Recording-->View setting item.

2.2 Settings

Allow Sound Recording

Once selected, corresponding soundsThe sound of the mobile phone speaker and the external environment sound will be recorded into the video during screen recording. This feature is off by default.

Video Resolution  

There are two resolution can be chosen which 720P and 480P. The setting items are shown in the following (5). Check the corresponding setting items to record the corresponding resolution video.

Record Screen

TapsTurn on this function, when the screen is recorded, the contact position of the click position will appear on the screen, as shown below (6).This feature makes it easy to record the current steps when recording.

Front Camera

Turn on this function, when the screen is recorded, the front camera video will appear on the screen. 


2.3 Path

Pull down the status bar

Slide out the smart sidebar

3. Note

3.1 When recording the screen, the recording function of other software is not available, such as WeChat sending voice messages, camera shooting videos, etc.
3.2 If there is no sound on the recording screen, confirm whether the recording is allowed to be recorded, and check if it has been occupied by other applications before recording (for example, the mobile phone sound recording function is turned on)

3.3 The Screen recording will end and the recording will be saved when you turn off the screen, make a call, power off the phone or perform other actions.
3.4 The maximum value of the recording screen is 5G, when reaches it
the recording will be interrupted and saved.
3.5 When recording the screen, the input password interface will be recorded on the black screen to protect the user's privacy;
3.6 The overseas version cannot be uninstalled.

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