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How to navigate the Virtual Keys?

Update Time: 2021-09-15 08:52:47

This is applicable for all the realme devices.


1. Features

The virtual keys on the screen provide a better visual experience for the user, providing users with fast and smooth gestures to operate the phone. Users can change the order of the virtual keys and set them to display only when needed, freeing up screen space.

2. Setting Path

The navigation keys for new phones are the default. If users want to reset it, go to [Settings] --> [Convenience Aid] --> [Navigation Keys].

3. Change Virtual Keys

Users can set corresponding navigation keys according to their needs, for example: virtual keys.

Virtual keys are divided into two forms:

1. One of it is the "multitasking + Home + return" key combination. Users can select "Back key on the right" or "Back key on the left" according to their needs.

2. Another one is the "return key + Home" key combination. Users also can select "Back key on the right" or "Back button on the left." 

"Back + Home" function

1. The home button is shaped like a "white rectangle", click to return to the main interface.

2. When user press and hold the home button to quickly slide to the left (when the return button is on the right) or to the right (when the return button is on the left)the you can quickly switch to the recent task interface, and release the finger can enter this task when the home button stays in front of a recent task.

3. Users can call it from any position of the navigation key to view the background task.

3. Virtual Keys Can Be Hidden 

It can be hidden when the virtual button is idle, allowing for a larger screen space. When user need to hide it, click the down arrow and swipe up from the bottom of the phone when needed.

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