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How to Solve the Battery Draining Problem in your Smart Device?

Update Time: 2021-09-15 08:54:58

This is applicable to all the realme devices.

Agreed, battery draining is a very annoying thing. But there are many ways to get rid of this problem. This is actually not a very big deal to handle, it’s just you need to follow some rules and required some precautions. It is quite obvious that your device will deliver the same as you treat it. As everything your phone battery also needs cares to live long.


Here is the list of some common points that need to check for a good battery life.

1. Check the system version, if it is too old to cause battery drainage, update it to the latest version. (Settings> Software Updates> check the recent update notification) To check the version (Settings > About Phone > Version).

2. Off the Bluetooth/ Wi-Fi/ Hot-Spot/ location service while not in use, save battery power and protect personal information.

3. Set & adjust the screen brightness automatically, set auto screen off less than 30 seconds. (Settings > Display & brightness > Auto screen off > choose 30 seconds).

4. Clear background Apps and clear caches regularly and use power save mode. To clean cache (Settings > Additional settings > storage > clean storage > safe to clean up > Clear all).

5. Check-in settings>battery>power consumption details, if there is some app consume too much battery, use that smartly.

6. Still has a battery drain problem, please send for repair to the authorized service center.


There are many settings of mobile phone that affect the power consumption of the mobile phone. The most common are:

1. Setting, such as the back-light of the mobile phone, namely screen brightness, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi & GPS, etc. These need to be set appropriately and all the features that are not in use should make close afterwards.

2. The operating environment will also lead to the fast power consumption of the mobile phone.

For example, in the case of the poor signal, the mobile phone will automatically amplify the signal power or constantly search the surrounding signals in order to ensure the call quality. Sometimes due to the background applications the device keep consuming the battery power. Of course, there is also a case that some apps are under unverified websites. This will load a lot of rogue apps onto your mobile phone and occupy the background resources of your mobile phone, resulting in more power consumption and slow speed of the mobile phone.

Being a smart user keep a frequent check on your device for healthy use. In case, you are facing some extraordinary issues that is hard to resolve oneself then, you can visit the nearest service center.

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