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How to successfully connect with Wi-Fi?

Update Time: 2021-09-15 08:54:44

This is applicable for all the realme devices. 



With the increasing intelligence of mobile phones, the needed for Wi-Fi for various mobile phone applications is getting higher and higher, so Wi-Fi has also been rapidly popularized. Like public places, commercial organizations, etc., almost all have achieved Wi-Fi coverage, people can easily connect their phones to Wi-Fi to access the Internet.

How to enable the Wi-Fi.

Settings-->Wi-Fi-->Turn on the Wi-Fi switch-->Click on a network under the “Wi-Fi NETWORKS.”  
Swipe down notification bar--> Long press the Wi-Fi icon-->Turn on the Wi-Fi switch-->Click on a network under the ‘Wi-Fi NETWORKS’  

How to connect with different types of Wi-Fi?

Public Wi-FiNeed CertificationClick on a network under the Wi-Fi NETWORKS’ --> Jumps to the authentication interface of the network-->Enter your account number and password-->Click to join.

Wi-Fi without password

Click on a network under the ‘Wi-Fi NETWORKS’ without  iconNot public

Private Wi-Fi

Click on a network under the ‘Wi-Fi NETWORKS’ with  icon-->enter password-->Click to join. 
Click on“ Manually add a network” under the “Wi-Fi NETWORKS”-->Enter the Wi-Fi name security type and password-->Click to join.

Mobile or other device hotspot.

The connection is the same as the private Wi-Fi.
How to enable hotspot on realme device? Path: Settings --> Other wireless connections--> Personal hotspot --> Enable your personal hotspot - personal hotspot settings -->Input hotspot name, security type and password-->save.


1. For your information, personal and property security, don't feel free to connect to unfamiliar or untrusted Wi-Fi networks or networks without security credentials.
2. Avoid sensitive operations in public Wi-Fi environments, such as online banking, bill payment, and confidential information.
3. Developing good online habits can protect the security of your information and property.

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