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How to Troubleshoot the Bluetooth Headset Issues in your smart device?

Update Time: 2022-04-22 11:13:37

This is for all the realme devices.

Having trouble with the Bluetooth headset connection is not any severe issue. The user can easily amend the concern. This is quite clear to all smart device holders that their cell phone can only be connected with the Bluetooth device that comes under the area of 10m. The 10m distant devices will have a good connectivity strength. Most of the time without keeping in mind we create the distance and due to the week strength, it will get disconnected. This time it is neither any technical fault nor of Bluetooth device bug.

Here are 5 major points to remember while using Bluetooth headset in any realme device:

1.    If you are buying the external Bluetooth device then, always go for good brands. This will not only help you in a good connectivity but also improve the sound quality.

2.    While joining the Bluetooth headset with realme device then, be in the distance of 10m.

3.    If you are facing the trouble after joining, then check the smartphone and the Bluetooth device icons. Sometimes, unknowingly we press the off button on the Bluetooth icon.

4.    In the strange case, if the user is not able to search the appropriate device then, try to refresh your device. This will allow searching all the upcoming new devices in the definite area.

5.    In the case of interruption: First check the connectivity signals and you may try to disconnect and connect again process.


When the user doesn't find any relief then, they should visit to their nearest Service Center. They will fix the bug and you can enjoy your Bluetooth headset services without any interruption. The engineers will examine closely and will provide you with an apt resolution.  

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