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How to fix Wi-Fi delay, disconnection or instability?

Update Time: 2023-04-07 10:22:16

Problem phenomenon:

Wi-Fi network interruption means that when the Wi-Fi is normally connected, the network suddenly disconnects or the network speed is very slow, and then it returns to the normal state after a while.

1. Network interruption when playing games

Phenomenon: When playing the game, the ping value of the game display suddenly becomes 460ms or 999ms, the game is stuck, the game characters are running in place, the game screen automatically drifts, and automatically recovers after a few seconds. Involving games: Multiplayer online real-time battle games on the same map.

2. The screen freezes when watching the live

Phenomenon: Usually watching live broadcasts or browsing videos is very smooth, but the buffering flag appears from time to time.


Problem causes:

1. The quality of the network is poor.

2. The 2.4G band channel is interfered.

3. The connection signal between the mobile phone and the router is unstable.

4. The network uses IPv6.

5. The router model is old and has poor performance.

6. Other devices suddenly occupy more network resources, causing the phone to disconnect.

7. The system runs abnormally for a long time.


1. You can use a third-party network test app to test the Wi-Fi multiple times. If the ping value/latency is higher than 50ms or the packet loss rate is higher than 1%, the network quality may be poor. It is recommended that you report to your broadband provider.

2. If there are many Wi-Fis nearby, it may cause channel interference with the 2.4G Wi-Fi of this router. It is recommended that you connect to a Wi-Fi in the 5G band before using it.

3. Please be close to the router to ensure that the connection signal between the phone and the Wi-Fi is good. If the signal is weak, the network data transmission will be delayed.

4. At present, IPv6 is rarely used, and enabling IPv6 in the router may cause abnormal connection. It is recommended that you disable IPv6 in the background of the router.

5. If other phones are also delayed and disconnected under the same Wi-Fi, but the connection to other Wi-Fis is normal. It may be that the router's data exchange performance is poor. If conditions permit, you can replace the router device and use it again.

6. When downloading with other devices under Wi-Fi, synchronizing files and other operations take up a lot of network resources, it may cause the delay of mobile network transmission. You can turn off downloads on other devices or limit the speed of other devices before using the Internet.

7. If you connect to any Wi-Fi, the current will be interrupted. It is recommended that you update the system to the latest version, and then restore the network settings before use.

realme UIs: Settings > Search "Reset network settings" in the search bar > Reset network settings

realme UI R Edition & Go Edition: Settings > System > Reset options > Reset Wi-Fi, mobile & Bluetooth

If the above methods do not solve your problem, please back up your data and go to the nearest realme service center for testing.

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