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How to Troubleshoot the WiFi Connectivity Issues in your Smart Devices?

Update Time: 2022-04-14 17:07:22

If you are not able to access the internet then, it might be due to poor strength of WiFi network or no network. There are users who misunderstood and considered it as device trouble and become melancholic. Before to consider it as a technical error the user must check the possible occurring error of WiFi that can easily be resolved on their own.

Here you can see different situations with solutions and it is quite possible that your problem is any one of the below cases:

1. Cannot search WiFi:

Here comes the two situations: 

A. All WiFi cannot be searched
B. Single WiFi can’t be searched                                              

*In the “A” situation “Restart your device” to get refreshed. If there is no help then go to service center. In the case of “B” “Check if the other phones can search the Wi-Fi.”

*If the situation “B” is not true then, “Check the router, whether it has settled to the 5G Wi-Fi.” Check whether the phone support 5G WiFi (Realme 2/U1/C1/C2 & realme 3 not support), If the situation is “Yes” then, “Restart the router, inquire the carrier or the router manufacturer.

*In case “Check the router, whether it has settled to the 5G Wi-Fi.” situation is not true then, “Restart the router” and then “Inquire the carrier or the router manufacturer.”

2. WiFi cannot connect/intermittent connect:

A. All Wi-Fi cannot connect/intermittent connect > Restart the phone, in case of no help “Go to a repair center.
B. Single WiFi cannot connect/ intermittent connect > Check whether the other can connect the Wi-Fi, in case of “No”, Restart the router > Inquire the carrier or the router manufacturer.

-If Check, whether the other can connect the Wi-Fi, is true then, check “if the phone has prompt”, if this is “No” then “Restart the phone> In case of no relief then send for the repair.

-If the phone has a prompt situation is “Yes” and it seems “Prompt the password is wrong or authentication failed > Check the password > Inquiry the carrier or the router manufacturer.

-If the prompt refuse to access or connection timeout > Restart the phone and the router > Inquiry the carrier or the router manufacturer.                                                                                                                                

3. Connect WiFi but cannot surfing internet/ Cannot connect automatically:

A. All Wi-Fi not connected > Delete saved WiFi and connect again > Restart the phone > send for the repair if nothing working.
B. Single Wi-Fi not connected > Check if other phones can connect the WiFi > Restart the router > Inquire the carrier or the router manufacturer.
C. Router permission settings, In this case your device will show the icon of the Wi-Fi but it will not work. This time you need to get permit by the router.
D. When it doesn't seems get connected, it might be due to the restricted people. A lot many time for the security purpose the owner put some number of users to get connected in a time. 

These are most occurring and possible consequences of the Wi-Fi. One can easily navigate and maximum times they can rectify their own. At the end, if nothing working then you can visit any nearest service center.

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