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How to Use Smart Sidebar to Make your Smartphone more Handy?

Update Time: 2021-09-15 08:52:48

It's multitasking at its best, where you’ll have quick access with your favorite apps and tools. This enables to switch between apps, transfer files, reply messages, or take screenshots when playing a game or watching a video.

To enable Smart Sidebar, go to [Settings] > [Smart & Convenient] > [Smart Sidebar] > toggle [Smart Sidebar] to green to enable.

Once enabled, you’ll be able to see a white vertical line on the side right side of your phone. Slightly swipe it to the left and the Smart Sidebar will show.

Managing Smart Sidebar

1. If the Smart Sidebar is full, long press the Quick tools or the Quick Apps area for you to be able to manage or edit what will show on your Smart Sidebar. (Note: Long pressing the camera area will not work since you can't add anything here).

2. If the Smart Sidebar is not full, click on  to add tools or apps then click each one of them. You can click Done or just click anywhere on the home screen for changes to be made.

The tools and apps available for Smart Sidebar.

1. Quick tools.

There are 3 available slots and tools to choose from. You can add them all or just choose the one you like to show.

  • Screenshot

  • Screen Recording

  • Block Banners

2. Quick Apps

Quick apps has been divided into two: Apps that can float and other apps. As long as the app supports the floating feature then it will show on the floating apps. Other apps will show all apps that are on your phone. However, you can only add 18 apps on the Smart Sidebar. You will be notified “Adding limit reached” if Quick Apps slot is full. Choose the one that you frequently use.

3. Smart game sidebar.

Enjoy your games and at the same time check and reply messages or posts on your social media. Never be left behind even when enjoying your games.

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