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Modes of sharing: realme share, Bluetooth share & Clone App

Update Time: 2021-09-15 08:53:23


Sharing allows files or applications to be moved from one device to another.


realme share(ColorOS share)

The pull down status bar enable realme Share, while the receiver also needs to enable realme Share or ColorOS Share. Click on the sharing function and select the target avatar. (Transfer Files Manage All Send able Files).

Bluetooth Share

Enable Bluetooth from both sides, select File and Click to send, select Bluetooth transmission, and select the other side's Bluetooth device to send, send will be prompted. (Transfer Files Manage All Send Files which allow to be selected).

Clone Phone

Both sides clone phone, select new mobile phone (recipient) or old mobile phone (sender) connection device, and connect to complete the selection of corresponding files for sending.

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