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realme Buds Q Quick Start Guide

Update Time: 2022-10-24 17:17:34






1. On

Take earbuds out of Charging Box for auto "ON"


2. Sleep

Put earbuds back into the charging box for auto "OFF" and sleep


3.  Bluetooth pairing

    • First use: take earbuds out of Charging Box for auto-pairing.

    • Pairing mode: take earbuds out of Charging Box for pairing mode if no device connection within 15s; when earbuds are connected to the phone, disconnect the Bluetooth connection from the phone for pairing mode; when earbuds are in Charging Box, press and hold touch area for 5s for pairing.

    • Bluetooth connection: When earbuds are in pairing state, open Bluetooth search interface, locate realme Buds Q and then click Connect.

4. Auto reconnection

Auto connects to a previously "paired" device when "powered" on.


5. Touch operation

    • Touch twice: Play/Pause music, Answer phone.

    • Touch three times: Next "media/song/video"

    • Press and hold 2s: If in a call or call incoming-Reject

    • Call/Hang up.

    • Press and hold 2s on both sides: enter/exit game mode

            * More customized operations can be set through realme Link

6. Charging

        1. Charging

    • Earbuds charging: Auto charging of the earbuds begin when put into the charging box.

    • Charging Box charging: Use the Micro-USB cable to charge.

        2. Check battery

    • Check Charging box battery: When Charging through a USB, the red indicator shows that the case is charging, and green indicator shows fully charged.

    • Check earbuds battery: After connecting to the phone, earbuds battery can be checked in realme Link or Bluetooth status bar (phone system support required).

7. Reset earbuds

        1. Ignore or cancel realme Buds Q pairing and delete connection history in Bluetooth device list.

        2. Put earbuds into the Charging Box, and press and hold more than 5s the touch areas of both earbuds, the reset succeeds when the phone locates realme Buds Q.



Note: realme Buds Q do not support lighting up when powered on and reset.

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