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realme M1 Sonic Electric Toothbrush Quick Start Guide

Update Time: 2021-09-15 08:54:21

Product Description

User Guide

1.     Align the brush head so that the bristles point in the same direction as the front of the handle and install the brush head down onto the handle, making sure that there is a certain gap between the two parts (the gap is to ensure that the brush head does not collide with the handle in high frequency vibrations so that the motor will be more powerful).

2.     Wet the bristles and squeeze an appropriate mount of toothpaste on the brush head.

3.     Power on/power off/switch mode

4.     Brushing your teeth

l  Move the toothbrush bristles slowly against the gumline at 45°;

l  During brushing, the toothbrush will pause for a brief moment every 30 seconds to prompt the user to change the brushing area;

l  If the user does not stop during use, the toothbrush will automatically turn off after working for two minutes.

l  There are four available cleaning modes:

Soft: Ensures effective cleaning and improves care for users

with sensitive gums.

Clean: Suitable for routine oral cleanliness as brushing with

high frequency vibrations generates fluid flow in the mouth,

the foam becomes finer while dental plaque and other

impurities can be cleared more quickly.

White: Clean using high frequency vibrations for deep

cleaning and whitening that protects the enamel at the

same time.

Polish: Different frequencies are used to alternate the

vibrations so that the bristles' movements can cover each

tooth from various angles to effectively remove stubborn

impurities such as cigarette and tea stains.

5.     Automatic timer and area change reminder

l  2-min Timer: Dentists suggest that 2 minutes for each brushing. Once the toothbrush is turned on, it will automatically turn oafter it is continuously used for 2 minutes in any mode.

l  30-second Area Change Reminder: In any mode of

operation, there will be a 0.15 second pause every 30 seconds to prompt users to change areas and brush their teeth to ensure that all four oral cavity areas are cleaned evenly.


6.     Automatic memory function

Once the toothbrush is powered on, it will work in the selected mode for more than 8 seconds. Press the on/off button briefly to power off the toothbrush. The next time you use the toothbrush, it will automatically return to the last function mode you used before it was powered off.


7.     Cleaning the brush head

l  After the teeth is brushed, align the brush head with the water flow for cleaning;

l  Once the cleaning is done, cover the brush head with the protection cover to keep the brush head clean.

*Dentists recommend that you change the brush head once every three months.

Regular Charging

l  The charging base for this product is an accessory specially designed for realme M1 Sonic Electric Toothbrush and is not compatible with other products.

l  The toothbrush will not power on normally if the battery is less than 10% (if you press the on/off button briefly at this point, the power indicator will flash red and the toothbrush will vibrate for a short while to remind the user to charge the appliance). It takes about 4.5 hours to fully charge the toothbrush (charging time varies with remaining battery power).

Basic Parameters


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