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realme Watch Quick Start Guide

Update Time: 2021-07-02 17:05:18

1. Product Specification

Product NameMarketing   name

realme   Watch

Product   Model(Internal   name)



black(origional), red, blue and green straps sold separately


256*36.5*11.8mmwith wrist strap


31gwith   wrist strap



Wristband   type

Removable wrist strap

Wristband   width


Wristband   material


Adjustable   wrist strap length


shell   material


Cover   material

Glass(Corning 3)

Display   Type


screen   size



320*320 pixel

Number   of screen colors


Screen   backlight

380 nit

Touchscreen   type

Full screen touch



Gyroscope   sensor

Not support

Heart   rate sensor


Wearing   monitoring sensors


Charging   Type

USB magnetic charge

Theoretical   charging time

≤2.5 hours

Theoretical   working time

6 to 9 days (9 days without heart rate function enabled; 6 days   with heart rate function enabled)

Battery   capacity


Intelligent   voice assistant

Not support

Sport   Functions

Outdoor Run, Walk, Indoor Run,
  Outdoor Cycle, Aerobic Capacity, Strength Training, Football, Basketball,
  Pingpong, Badminton, Indoor Cycle, Elliptical , Yoga, and Cricket.

Health   monitoring

Automated heart rate measurement, 24-hour real-time heart rate,   resting heart rate, exercise heart rate, sleep detection, steps throughout   the day, calories, distance, water reminder, sedentary reminder

Other   Features

Clock, date display, dial, cloud multi-dial, OTA upgrade, font   library, multi-language UI interface, cloud multi-language font, cloud   multi-language UI interface, data storage, all-day data, automatic motion   recognition, call notification, message Reminder, alarm reminder, goal   completion reminder, binding confirmation reminder, low battery reminder,   brightness adjustment,, weather forecast, wear monitoring

Vibration   motor

Rotor motor

Water   Resistance Rating


Operating   temperature

Charge range 0~45 ℃, discharge range 0 ℃ ~60 ℃


Not support




realme Link

System   Support



Not support


Not support

2. Product picture




4)  Blue

3. Instructions for use

3.1 Quick start

1)     Unboxing your realme Watch and check if accessories is complete.

2)     In the box: 1. realme Watch (Built-in Polymer Lithium Battery) ; 2. User Manual; 3. Charger

3)     Long press side button for 3 seconds to activate your realme Watch. Or connect realme watch with charger to activate the device.

4)     Follow instructions shown on realme Watch to connect and pair with your mobile device.

5)     Start to use realme Watch with “realme Link” APP.

6)     Restart / Power Off / Reset your realme Watch in device settings.


7)     Wear - Keep the touch button facing the user and make sure the bottom sensor is clung to the skin. Keep the wristband 2cm or more from the wrist.

8)     Activation - Long press side button for 3 seconds or connect charger to light up your realme Watch. Connect and pair realme Watch with mobile device.

9)     Touch - realme Watch support multi-touch with color screen. Swipe up / down / left / right in home page of your watch to go to different function page.

10)     Force touch on homescreen- Select different watch faces

11)     Side button:

l  Single click -Wake / Sleep in home page &Return / Pause in functional page

l  Long press for 3 seconds- Activate for first time initiation / Power off confirmation

l  Long press for 12 seconds - Restart

3.2 Pairing

1)     Download“realme Link” APP from Google Play. Sign up your realme account and input your basic information ( Birth date / Height / Weight / Gender etc. )

2)     Long press side button for 3 seconds or connect charger to activate your realme Watch.

3)     Choose language of the realme Watch.

4)     Make sure Bluetooth of your mobile device is on, open the “realme Link”APP, scan the device QR code displayed on realme watch. Or open “realme Link” APP, select realme Watch to scan device nearby, choose and connect to the intended realme Watch. Click confirm to pair realme watch.

l  "Binding Success" will be displayed if the binding process is done;

l  "Binding Failure" will be displayed if the binding process is failed. Please try again until binding is done to make sure the realme Watch is able to work properly.

3.3 Health functions

1)      realme Watch will help tracking activity data and health status 24/7. It is designed to monitor daily activities: steps / distance / consumed calories and continuous heart rate.

2)      Input and sync up your information of height, weight, step goal etc. from “realme Link” APP. realme Watch can assist you on achieving daily step goal, you can modify step goal according to your physical condition on “realme Link” APP

3)      realme Watch provides you multiply exercise modes. Go to Workout and choose your personal workout mode with accurateexercise data recorded.

4)      realme Watch provides SpO2 measurement and you can find the estimated valuein the report.SpO2 is the concentration of oxygen in the blood. The human body requires and regulates a very precise and specific balance of oxygen in the blood. Normal blood oxygen levels in humans are considered 95-100%. If the level is below 90%, it is considered low resulting in hypoxemia. Blood oxygen levels below 80% may compromise organ function, such as the brain and heart, and should be promptly addressed.

4. Features

1)Face Gallery

Force touch on home screen and slide to select different faces of realme Watch. You can find more faces on “realme Link” APP.

2) Workout

a)      14 exercise modes: Outdoor Run/Walk / Indoor Run / Outdoor Cycle / Aerobic Capacity / Strength Training / Football / Basketball / Table-tennis / Badminton / Indoor Cycle / Elliptical / Yoga / Cricket.

b)       realme Watch can identify the user is running or walking and record consistent heart rate when continuous heart rate is ON. Workout report on realme Watch will include Duration Distance / Calories / Average heart rate / Maximum Cadence / Average pace. For more data please review on “realme Link” APP. 

3)    SpO2

a)       Click “SpO2” to start SPO2 measurement in SpO2 page, please keep your arm and wrist still during measurement.

b)      It takes about 30s to generate measurement result.

c)       Measure error may accrued If the watch is not worn properly or any incorrect operation.

d)      Press side button or wait for 10s to exit SpO2 measurement.

4)    Heart Rate

a)       The realme Watch supports 24/7 continuous heart rate monitoring

b)      You can be turned ON/OFF in Customsettings. Check your daily heart rate curve in heart rate page.

c)       Choose heart rate monitor interval on “realme Link” APP to get longer battery life.

5)    Activity Records

a)       Find your Weekly (Mon-Sun) / Daily (00:00~23:59) exercise records in Activity Records page.

b)      All reports will be included ordered by workout type, click to review each history reports.

6.)    Sleep

a)       Daily sleep monitor report will include Sleep time / Total duration / Light sleep / Deep sleep / REM(Rapid Eye Movement) / Awake.

b)      It will shows "No sleep record. Wear the watch to sleep helps to monitor sleep quality" if there's no sleep data get collected for over 24 hours.

7)     Music

a)       You can control phone music player to execute “Next” “Previous” and “Volume +” , “Volume-” functions.

      b)      Please make sure Bluetooth of mobile device is ON and your watch is connected to “realme Link” APP.

8)     Camera

a)       You can control the phone camera to take picture by clicking button displayed on the watch.

b)      Please make sure Bluetooth of mobile device is ON and your watch is paired with phone system Bluetooth.


9)    Find My Phone

a)       Activate your mobile device to vibration and ringing.

b)      Please make sure Bluetooth of mobile device is ON and your watch is paired with phone system Bluetooth as well.

c)       Press “Exit” or single click to stop finding your phone.


10)     Meditation

a)       Management with instruction guideline for your daily meditations.

b)      Click “Start” to set meditation time and process meditation in 3 seconds. Try to take deep breathe in at 4s-inhale & 6s-exhale intervals.

c)       Countdown will be displayed during meditation. Average heart rate will be display after completing meditation, click “Done” to exit.

11)    Alarm

a)       Set alarm on your watch. Maximum 5 alarms can be set.

b)      The intended alarms will be activated with watch vibration continuously.

12)     Stopwatch

a)       Maximum 9 records of timing can be recorded.

b)      Start stopwatch by clicking start button, you can pause or start next timing, time can be reset when the counting is paused.

c)       The limitation of single timing counting is 8 hours

13)    Weather

a)       Daily weather information including Weather conditions / Max & Min temperature / Location (City) .

b)      The weather information on the watch is updated by “realme Link” APP, please make sure the watch is connected to mobile device to get weather information in time.

14)    Get up Reminder

a)       Remind you to stand and move in 5s vibrations at intended intervals.

b)      Please activate stand reminder and finish the settings on “realme Link” APP.

c)       Make sure Bluetooth of mobile device is ON and your watch connected to your mobile device before you start settings.

15)     Drink water Reminder

a)       Remind you to take water in 5s vibrations at intended intervals.

b)      Please activate drink water reminder and finish the settings on “realme Link” APP.

c)       Make sure Bluetooth of mobile device is ON and your watch connected to your mobile device before you start settings.

16)     Goal Achievement

a)       Send notifications when you achieve your daily step goal with 5s vibrations.

b)      Default step goal of realme Watch is 8000 steps.

c)       Reset your daily step goal on “realme Link” APP.

d)      Make sure Bluetooth of mobile device is ON and your watch connected to your mobile device before you start settings.

17)     Call Notification

a)       Display notifications when there's coming call on your phone with vibration.

b)      Name and numbers will be displayed if the number has saved in your phone contact already, or it will display “Incoming Call” and numbers only.

c)       Make sure Bluetooth of mobile device is ON and your watch connected to your mobile device before you activate Call Notification function.

d)      Tap speaker button to silent phone. Tap hand up button to hand up the call.

18)     Text Notification

a)       Display notifications when there's new text message on mobile device with brief contents and the texting number.

b)      Click “Read” to review content.

c)       Make sure Bluetooth of mobile device is ON and your watch connected to your mobile device before you activate Text Notification function.

d)      This function cannot be activated in following situations:

-       Bluetooth of mobile device is OFF

-       realme Watch is not connected to mobile device

-       Text notification is OFF on “realme Link” APP

-       Notification permission is not allowed on mobile device

-       Notification Center of mobile device is disable / OFF

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