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The realme 3: Chroma Boost & Nightscape Mode in the camera with unveiled features and benefits.

Update Time: 2021-09-15 08:53:41

A 13MP + 2 MP camera with CMOS sensor that supports a resolution of 3120*4160 pixels and the front 13 MP camera will endeavour you to capture every moment. Not ended with the details, with the realme 3 you can avail the Photo, Portrait and videos. The camera application pitches an icon in the left to explore Nightscape, Pano, expert and chroma Boost mode to enhance the details of your shot.

Let's point down the benefits of Chroma Boost & Nightscape Mode in your realme 3 device


Chroma Boost Mode:

The chroma Boost feature is drafted by the advanced HDR mode & flash settings. This will obviously give you a better colour correction, will control the noise of the picture and enrich the entire frame. To enable this feature you can tap on the second icon from the top.

Nightscape Mode:

This feature will allow you to click the brightest and finest shot in the night light. This is because it integrates with multi-frame exposure and AI that allows capturing the clearest moment in low light without noise and blur effects.

These two features are the core one in realme 3 that actually adds the power in your shot and not easy to find in another device of the range.  

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