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What If Application Connection Network Shows no Network Connection?

Update Time: 2021-09-15 08:52:23

1. Background

Nowadays phones are inseparable from the Internet. Whether surfing the Internet, listening to music, playing games, reading novels or watching videos, we need to connect to the Internet. During using the mobile phone, if we encounter an application that is connected to the network, but it still shows that there is no network connection. In this regard, the following operations will help us solve this problem.

2. Reasons and phenomenon

There are three possible reasons for the failure to access the network: settings, application issues & network environment issues.
a. Mobile phone settings.
Did enable dual SIM 4G feature or not?
Does the app support dual channel network acceleration?
Whether to enable "Intelligent Network Speed Allocation."
Whether to Turn on Flow Saving Function.

b. Application of its own issue.
Is the application in the upgrade maintenance stage?

c. There are three main types of existing networks: WIFI, mobile hotspots, and data.
Wi-Fi has public Wi-Fi, home Wi-Fi.

1Public Wi-Fi:

If there are too many Wi-Fi connections or other machines downloading, watching videos, and so on, the speed of Wi-Fi will also decrease, which will result in the inaccessibility of access to the program.

2) Personal Wi-Fi:

Whether the router is in normal working condition.
Distance between mobile device and router.
Bandwidth size.

3) Phone hotspots:

Is the hotspot device network good?
Number of devices connected to the hotspot.
Weather environment and location at the time.

4) Data network:

Check if the device is registered to the 4G signal.
Is the SIM card down?
Carrier signal coverage.
Whether to set a daily traffic alert.
Whether the equipment is in a special signal environment such as elevators or subways.


3. Solution

For the above problems and causes, we can make the following settings.

1. Enable dual-channel network acceleration setup pathSettings-->Dual Card & Dual SIM & Cellar Network-->Dual Channel Network Acceleration.

Turn on Smart Network Allocation.
Settings -->Dual SIM & Cellular Network-->Smart Network Allocation.

2. Open applications Using Wi-Fi &Cellular Network.
Settings --> Dual SIM & Cellular Network --> Using Wi-Fi & Cellular Network -->Click application-->select “Wi-Fi and mobile Data.”


3) Check the connected WIFI signal strength.

Settings -->Wi-Fi --> click on the connected Wi-Fi name --> signal strength.
Smart selection of the best WLAN network.
Settings --> Wi-Fi -->Wi-Fi Assistant --> Smart Select Best Wi-Fi Network.

4) Intelligently Select the Best Wi-Fi.

5) IP Settings
Settings-WiFi-Click the WiFi detail-IP Settings-DHCP.


1. If you are connected to a home Wi-Fi, you can also make a router setup or reset the router.
-Check if the cat connected to the home is loose or damaged.
2. If it is the application itself, we can:
a) Contact or feedback to the application developer.
b) Clear the application data and reopen it.
c) Uninstall the app and install again, highly recommend download from the build-in App Market.

3. When we use mobile data, applications cannot be used properly. After excluding non-application problems, we can do the following:
-Re-open the data network switch and check the SIM card network status.
-We can also pull out the SIM card and reload it, or load the SIM card into other mobile phones to see if there is any problem.
-SIM card can be dialled to consult whether the service has been stopped or the service has been upgraded.

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