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What if Charging Cannot be Full in Your Device?

Update Time: 2021-09-15 08:54:43

This information is applicable to all the realme devices.

In order to ensure the user's charging safety, the charging speed will be adjusted according to the usage environment and whether the fast charging is used according to the usage environment. In addition, the fast charging function must be used together with the original charger and the data cable.


If you are experiencing slow charging or unable to charge quickly, It is recommended to check as follows:


1. To ensure a good cooling environment.

The temperature limit defined by the fast charge function is 15-35 ° C. Please avoid the environment where the temperature is too low or too high, and avoid the environment charging caused by the object charging or poor heat dissipation when charging the mobile phone, such as charging the mobile phone under the pillow. .
When the temperature of the mobile phone is too low or too high, the mobile phone will reduce the charging speed to ensure the battery life. It is recommended that you put the mobile phone in a more suitable environment for charging.


2. Do not use the phone with high intensity when charging.

When you use your mobile phone with high intensity, it will generate a lot of heat, which will cause the mobile phone chip to operate at high load, which may cause the charging to slow down.
High-intensity use during charging will consume a certain amount of electrical energy, so the charging speed will be slowed down to a certain extent, which is normal.


3. Use the original charger and data cable.

The fast charge function needs to be used together with the original charger and data cable. If you use a non-original charger and data cable, there is no fast charge function. In addition, some inferior chargers and data cables are a safety hazard, we recommend that you use the original charger for charging.

If the above does not solve your problem, please go to the nearby realme service center for testing.

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