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What If Phone is heating while playing PUBG?

Update Time: 2021-09-15 08:55:04

Applicable to all the realme devices 

The heating problem is literally very common and frequent but if it is persisting for longer with temperature then it is a point of concerned. The device is a part of technology, the way you will handle it the same it will return to you. If you are facing any heating issue while playing games like PUBG then, it can be resolved by the following simple troubleshooting steps.


The reason to cause the heating problems are:

1. The heating may cause when RAM is running out of space.

2. Secondly, when you overburdened the device with multiple tasks at a time for a long time.

Points to fix the heating issue while playing games like PUBG, Asphalt 9 & Garena Free Fire:

1. Low down the Graphics settings.

The low graphics will help you to play longer without any heat. This is because if you are playing the game in the high Graphic quality that is beyond the capacity of the device. This will obviously cause heating and directly impact on GPU (Graphics Processing Unit). So you need to change the settings of the game and try to prefer the lowest one.

2. Clean the Cache of apps on a regular basis.

The user is always recommended to clean the cache of apps and an uninstall/force stop the unused application. This is because it creates a rush in the space that will cause heating as well as hanging issue.


3. Avoid to use multitask app.

The user is recommended not to run multiple applications at a time. The background running application takes the battery and also use the space. This will ultimately cause the burden on RAM as well as on the battery that burden directly leads to the heating & hanging of the device.


4. Try not to play while on charging.

This will cause heating/hanging both issues especially with the heavy loaded games like PUBG & Asphalt 9. Basically, don’t overburden the device for effective use.


These are like very straightforward & easy solutions to control the heating issue while playing games like PUBG & Asphalt 9 & Garena Free Fire and enhance device performance. In case any user finds no resolution by using all the troubleshooting activities then, recommended visiting the nearest realme service centre they will have a keen look over the issue and provide you with an instant resolution. 

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