What if the Pictures not showing in the list of gallery?

Update Time: 2021-09-15 08:53:06

If the Pictures are not showing in the list of gallery then, follow the given route to solve your problem: 


1. Cause

a. System data is not refreshed, hence the picture not to appear in the photos.
b. realme album data comes from phone files, the system scans folder data to form different atlases, integrated albums. When the user saves the picture is not within the range of the folder scanned by the system, it is not displayed in the album.
c. The picture is saved on the SD card. The SD card was removed and the picture was gone.
d. The picture was moved into a private safe and is not displayed in the album.

2. Solution

a. After the new download and save the picture, the system parameters will be adjusted. If there are more pictures in the phone, there may be a phenomenon that the album does not refresh the picture. The user can manually enter the file manager to check whether the picture exists, and then clear the album process in the background, and re-enter the album to view.
b. The image is not in the folder which system scan, the user can enable the file management, find the downloaded or saved picture, and then move to the folder DICM or Pictures that the album will scan.
c. Reinsert the SD card into your phone and check if the image still exists through the file manager.
d. After the picture is moved into the private safe, it will not be displayed in the gallery. The user can check if there is any picture in the safe and remove it from the private safe.
Path to the safe:  Album - long press the title "Photo" - enter the privacy password - private safe.

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