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What if the Wi-Fi can't Connect?

Update Time: 2021-09-15 08:54:08

This information is applicable to all the realme devices. 


If you are experiencing Wi-Fi failure, we recommend that you do the following troubleshooting:

1. If public Wi-Fi, it is recommended that you try to replace other Wi-Fi routers (cause: public network Wi-Fi may have restricted access to the router, or restrict access to MAC devices, etc.).
2. If private Wi-Fi, it is recommended that you use other mobile phones to connect whether it is a router or a network problem. If there is no abnormality, restart the mobile phone or router and try again.
3. It is recommended to cancel the Wi-Fi password and re-enter the password connection.

If the above does not solve your problem, please go to the nearby realme service center for testing.

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