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What If you are Unable to Receive Image via Bluetooth?

Update Time: 2021-09-15 08:52:42

1. Cause

a. Whether the user's mobile phone and the sender's Bluetooth are successfully connected. When sends the picture to the user's mobile phone, the picture can not received if the user click refuse to accept operation.

b. Whether the size sent by the sender exceeds the remaining memory of the user's.

c. The picture is too large and the transmission time is too long, which may cause the file to fail to receive.

d. The sender and the user are too far away, causing the Bluetooth connection to be interrupted.

e. Check if the phone has security software installed and set up a firewall to intercept the Bluetooth transmission picture.

f. Use Bluetooth transmission to receive files other than pictures for normal transmission and reception.

2.  Solution

a. Re-pairs the Bluetooth and try to receive the picture again.

b. Checks whether the memory size of the Bluetooth receiving storage location is smaller than the received image size.

c. It is recommended to divide large files into small files for transmission.

d. Check if the transmission is blocked by the security software, the user can close or uninstall the security software.

e. If the only picture cannot be received, we can guide the user to use a transmission method other than Bluetooth, such as copying and pasting pictures through the SD card.

f. If the user requests to use Bluetooth to transfer pictures, we can guide the user to back up the data first, then restore the factory settings, and try to receive pictures again using Bluetooth.

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