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Why it is mandatory to provide security question answer & correct email address while setting-up the password?

Update Time: 2021-09-15 08:52:46

When creating your realme account, the device prompted to set up a security question. This is necessary and important to make sure that it should be the authentic one because by this, in your bad time you can recover your password. Same as this the user is always advised to put the correct working email address. There are many specific reasons behind both things.


Let’s check out some benefits to provide security question-answer & correct email address:

1. You can recover your account: In case you have forgotten the passcode of your device and you want to recover that then, it will ask for the particular question’s answer that you have mentioned during the time of enrolling. So to recover the passcode, you just need to put the correct answer followed by some easy steps to solve the riddle.

The same format goes to the email address, in case you want to recover your passcode then you can choose “Forgot password” option then you can navigate your registered email address to reset your password. 

*Always remember while you choose to reset the passcode then, it will lose the existing data.


2. You can increase your security: Your email address and the definite question-answer become part of your security. So be alert while putting the answer or the email address. For the security reason, the user is not supposed to share these two things with anyone. This is the same as you are sharing your ATM pin publicly.

*Do not share your security question and email address with anyone to presume your security.  

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