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What is Dolby feature?

Update Time: 2021-09-15 08:55:17

1. Feature                                                                                                  

Some realme phone introduces the Dolby Atmosphere, which is loved by film creators, and naturally bring you into the movie by lingering and realistic mobile sound effects.
realme X is the first realme model with Dolby panoramic sound effects, adapted for movies, games, and music. The feature is turned on by default in speaker mode and can be turned off when inserted with headphones. In the experience, the difference between turning the Dolby on and off is quite obvious. When the sound is turned on, the immersion will be greatly enhanced.


2. Method

Path 1: Settings-->Sound & Vibration-->Dolby Atmos.

Path 2: Music-->Music player interface-->Settings.

Note: It is turned on by default with speaker model, and you can turned it off by yourself after inserting the earphone.

* (1)Cannot be turned off in Speaker Mode, (2) Headphone mode can be turn off.

3. Sound Effect

There are four kinds of sound effects: Smart, Movie, gaming, and Music. During the user's use, the smart sound effect is enabled by default, and the corresponding sound effect is intelligently matched according to the function currently used by the user. It is also possible to select the sound effect by the user.
When inserting the headphones, you select the music mode. Also user can select the system's preset equalizer mode, or you can adjust the equalizer settings to suit your.

Equalizer Mode preset by the system adjust the Equalizer Setting that is suitable for the user.

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