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What is Split-screen and how to activate it in realme device

Update Time: 2024-03-21 14:13:17

1. Feature:

Two windows can be displayed on the screen of the phone, and the two applications can be running at the same time without affecting each other.
Precondition & Path:

realme UI 5.0 & 4.0: Settings > Special features > Split screen/view.

realme UI 3.0: Settings > System settings > Convenience tools > Split Screen.

realme UI 2.0: Settings > Convenience tools > Split Screen.

realme UI 1.0: Settings > Split Screen.

realme UI R & S & T & Go & U Edition: Not supported

2. How to enable it?

The first path (For realme UI 1.0 & above versions):

Multi-task > Click on the top right corner > Split-screen

The second path (For realme UI 1.0 & above versions):

Swipe up with three fingers to enable.

The third method: 

Long Press Multi-Task Virtual Key.

The fourth method:  

If an app supports split-screen display in full screen landscape mode, when received an instant messaging notification, tap "Split-screen Reply" to enter split-screen mode.


Quit split-screen: 

Click the Back Key or long press Multi-Task Virtual Key.

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