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Creating Iconic Visual Identity for Young People around the World realme Introduces its New Visual Identity System and Logo

When Style Meets Classic, Designed by Brand-uplifting Master, Providing Stylish Icons to Young People
A Young-People-Oriented Design Featuring Original Aspiration and Absolute Self-Expression
Proud to be Young, Upgrade starts from November, Letting Young People Find their Tribes;

Realme, the smartphone brand that is proud to be young and specializes in providing high quality products for youth, launched its fully upgraded brand VI system and Logo to provide a new visual experience for and emotional connection with young consumers. The "R" logo in “realme Yellow” designed by Eddie Opara, partner and chief designer of world-renowned design consultancy Pentagram, is an artistic and impactful representation of both the realme brand identity and its vision of being Proud to be Young, which the brand hopes will become a symbol of youth culture around the world.

Established in May 2018, realme aims to provide young people around the world with smartphone products that combine powerful performance and stylish design. The brand gives young people experiences that integrate “technology” and “style” to recognize and satisfy their deep desires for personalization and self-expression. By November 2018, the half-year-old brand will expand its business to 7 countries in Asia. With 4 smartphone products launched globally, realme is quickly building a strong following community among young consumers. Its product is now not only one of the highest-rated mobile phone on Amazon's Best Sellers list (with a high score at 4.5 out of 5), but has also broken Flipkart’s mobile phone sales record set in India, becoming the fastest brand in the history of the country to break the million-sales mark.

In order to meet the global development needs of realme and its vision of growing together with the new generation, realme invited multiple ADC Gold Cube Awards-winner, Eddie Opara from top-class design studio Pentagram design master Eddie Opara, to lead the overall VI upgrade.

As world’s largest independently-owned design studio, Pentagram has set numerous records in facilitating different brands with their visual identity upgrade, and is continuously inspiring and innovating the visual culture globally. Spanning from enabling the Tiffany blue color to become a visual representation of the brand through a classic logotype and packaging makeover, to the brand identity change of Mastercard emphasizing simplicity, connectivity and seamlessness, or the creative break-through in identity change for the Microsoft Windows 8 OS and the MIT Media Lab, Pentagram leveraged its works to tag unforgettable impression to those brands, which helped them attract more target audience. The chief designer Eddit Opara who led the upgrade of realme is a multi-faced designer whose experience encompasses strategy, design and technology. Having worked with clients such as Santander, St.Regis Hotels and New York University, Eddie was named one of Fast Company’s 100 Most Creative People in Business and was featured in Adweek’s Creative 100. Eddie also wishes that “The symbolic realme Yellow color, the exquisite R-letter logo are highly expected to symbols of youth pop culture globally, declaring with today’s youth that we are ‘Proud to be Young‘”.


Having invited industry-renowned experts to lead the brand identity upgrade, realme expects to build brand awareness and strengthen emotional recognition among young people around the world, thereafter create an iconic visual representation of the youth.

After the upgrade, realme’s new logo has adopted a more concise and universal letter shape, which was inspired by the observation of human-being’s actions and behavior when they are using smartphones, a combination of human-figure and the uppercase “r” from “realme” also conveys one of the brand’s design concept as being people-oriented.

A merged circle, square and triangle form a nested uppercase “R” and lowercase “r” which stand for the original aspiration of “realme” as providing the youth with quality products they need and “realme” – young people’s true selves – simultaneously. This clever nesting and blending design conveys realme's vision of sharing pride in being young with young people, while the hidden arrows point to the deep connection between realme and young groups and their direct goals as well as absolute strength of taking challenges.

The upgraded visual identity system and logo are all based on vibrant golden yellow. This color, called "realme Yellow", represents power, style, modernity and youthfulness; as well as positive connotations in both Eastern and Western cultures, such as positivity, optimism, friendliness and emotional energy, wisdom, harmony, prosperity. The main auxiliary color, gray, represents professionalism, calmness, and inclusiveness; and will be used with other auxiliary colors including classic black and white, and a light gray tone, in realme's overall brand VI.

“As a global, youth-facing smartphone brand, realme is continuing to introduce new products that feature stylish design and a powerful performance. At the same time, realme hopes to create a symbol for young people through the new brand logo – one they can identify with, and where they see a visual symbol of their emotional identity and belonging,” Sky Li, Chief Executive Officer and Founder, realme, said. “Realme's new brand visual identity system and logo will be key to providing self-expression and satisfaction for young people around the world: we define this as unique, trend-setting, self-loyalty, and personalized consumption that meets emotional needs."



Beginning in November 2018, realme will roll out its upgraded brand image across all channels, including its official websites, social media platforms, branding videos, e-commerce platforms, customer-end image, customer service centers, office interior decoration, office supplies and press conference productions. In addition, visual touch points and new products will be switched in pre-arranged sequence. Products with upgraded packaging will be launched in different markets according to the upgrade plan.


The brand VI upgrading comes just as realme is poised to make a strong entry into more markets around the world, where it will reach out to younger groups and accelerate growth. Very soon, Realme's new "R" logo and mobile phone products will launch across Southeast Asian markets including Malaysia, Thailand, the Philippines, Cambodia, and countries in South Asia, the Middle East and North Africa. The new "R" logo will be a symbol of the brand’s powerful recognition of young people’s need for individualization and self-expression, differentiate Realme’s experience offering among smartphone products, and become an icon for young people around the world.

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