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New Year Letter to Fans and Media

Hi Friends, 

The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step.

What started as a fledgling step into the smartphone industry, has led to an eventful journey. Today, we have grown to be World No. 6 with 100 million users across the globe. However, as a 3-year-old brand to provide a leap-forward experience of technology to global users, we are never content with the status quo. We disrupted the premium segment with the launch of the realme GT series. As the 5G democratizer, we have launched 18 5G-enabled smartphones globally, emerged as the No.1 5G smartphone brand in India and Top 4 5G smartphone brand in Central and Eastern Europe.  

Our step to achieve brand globalization never stops. Thankfully, we are on track across more than 60 countries and are among the Top 5 brands in 21 countries. In India, we emerged as the No.1 standalone smartphone brand for the first time in October 2021. While in Europe, we maintained the momentum as the fastest-growing smartphone brand and remained in the Top 5 smartphone brands for consecutive quarters. 

Nowadays, realme is not only just a smartphone brand but rather a technology brand. To further empower everyone with a smart, connected, and trendy lifestyle, we have strengthened our Techlife Ecosystem with a 1+5+T strategy. Using smartphones as the core hub, it expands to smart TV, wearables, hearables, laptops, tablets, and realmeTechlife®️ products encompassing Smart Life care, Smart Entertainment, and Smart Connect. The success of realme Book (Slim) and realme Pad has given us the confidence to conquer new areas. 

We hope we are not chosen but immensely loved by you all. None of our achievements would have been possible without your enduring love. Even in the toughest of times, you have cheered us on and pushed us to do better. If we stand tall today, we do so because of your loyalty and support. After a challenging past, we look forward to a more promising future. 

Aiming to be greater than 2021, we strive for being the No. 1 smartphone brand in India & No.4 in Europe.

How are we supposed to achieve that? We do one thing at a time and do well. Looking back on 2021, realme was the fastest brand to reach 100 million users around the world. In the upcoming year, we want to be greater than great, so we will put all forces together to emerge as the No.1 smartphone brand in India and No.4 in Europe. I believe we have the power and confidence to be so, driven by 5G and premium ambitions. We are proud to say that our premium flagship——GT series will be the new trailblazer, pushing the frontiers of innovation. 

In Europe, in addition to the introduction of premium flagships, we are also bringing an abundance of tech surprises in the form of compelling concept phones and tantalizing tech summits. We appreciate the value of collaborations and will continue to extend our partnership with operators and distributors. 

On the way to being a great brand, we will take on more social responsibilities.

Our community is at the heart of our journey. In 2022, realme will bring more community-centric initiatives to enrich the lives of those in need. It’s a great cause that’s very close to our hearts! We have been exploring bio-based polymer smartphone design recently and have made substantial progress with our R&D colleagues. Perhaps you might easily experience it on our GT 2 series! In the meanwhile, we will continue to care about environmental protection, boost local production, expand mainline stores and generate more jobs. realme’s Entrepreneurship programs will also encourage young, aspirational self-starters to pursue their dreams. 

As we sunset 2021 and step into a promising new year, realme is ready to explore, dream, and ink a promising new chapter. We will always strive to be greater than the great. With the spirit of “dare to leap” in our DNA, we will continue to push new boundaries of excellence. With every passing year, our bond only grows stronger. 

The pandemic has impacted our lives significantly. May the upcoming New Year shower all of us with positivity and strength to fight against the challenges at this tough time. On behalf of the realme team,  I wish you and your family a fantastic New Year.                             


Stay well, and stay real


VP, realme

President, realme International Business Group

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