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Sky 2024 Open Letter

Let’s Make it real.

A joyous Happy New Year to our realme users, partners, and employees all around the world!

2024 will be our sixth year as a brand, and it’s thanks to you that we have made it as far as we have. Beginning as an unknown brand in 2018, we have made continued progress year after year, bringing better tech experiences with each generation. Exploring new possibilities in tech and design is core to who we are as a brand, and we have learned so much over the years by exploring with our users, our partners, and our employees.

With our eye focused on progress, we have never been a brand to shy away from change. 2024 will be a big year for us––a year of change, of rejuvenation, and of progress above all else. 2024 will be our year of rebranding.  

This starts with our mission.

When we first committed to a mission five years ago, our priority was to bring better technologies and designs to young users around the world. Now, five years later, we have made considerable progress in realizing this ambition, bringing leap-forward products to over 200 million users around the world. We have always believed that every user at every price segment deserves an outstanding product, and that is why, since the beginning, we have focused on bringing better performance and designs to young users across our GT Series, Number Series, and C Series.

Moving forward in 2024, we will be staying true to our original mission, while aiming higher in our standard. We are moving our focus beyond performance and design, focusing more broadly on the entire brand experience and product experience, with the goal of exceeding young users’ expectations at every turn. In our view, exceeding expectations begins with starting from the impossible, and raising the standard to make it possible.

To guide our focus in reaching this standard, we have revised our mission to more concisely capture our aspirations for future development: To let young users around the world enjoy tech experiences that exceed expectations. Staying true to our original intention, we will be moving forward with greater focus and ambition, ready to explore new possibilities and make breakthroughs to reach our aspirations.

We are committed to becoming a tech brand that better understands young users.  

Since Day 1, we have always oriented our strategy towards user feedback, making products based on our young users’ needs. We have gained deep insights into the young generation over the years––what they value, what they seek, what they aspire to, as well as their changing tastes and preferences over the years. And as a brand committed to young users, we ourselves make it a priority to stay young in our perspective and our outlook. This is why most of our employees, too, are young. This way, we can ensure our products are made by young users, for young users.

Our new brand positioning reflects our unwavering commitment to the young generation. We are A tech brand that better understands young users. We are committed to understanding the needs of young users better than any other tech brand, and exceeding their expectations at every turn.

In the past, our focus was directed towards making trendy products, launching some of the industry’s most exciting tech products, including our first Coca-Cola collaborated design and our various Master Design collaborations, where we partner with leading masters of design across a wide range of industries and categories. With these efforts, we’ve gained recognition from the industry, and love from our young users.

We are immensely proud of these achievements, and our new positioning will help us build on them, opening new possibilities for where we can take our ambitions and our creativity. With this said, the focus of our new positioning is not so much a redirection as it is an opening up. Now that we have reached 200 million users worldwide, it is the right time to move from a trend-based strategy to a more open and wide-reaching one, the same way a river eventually flows into the sea. With this more inclusive approach, our long-term investment and development will help us better connect with more young users, in more markets, and more regions of the world. And with the continued support of young users, we will, together, attain more breakthroughs than ever. The path forward is an exciting one: as we scale in our development as a mainstream brand, we will have greater capacity than ever to explore new possibilities we never could before.

With the positioning of A tech brand that better understands young users, and the mission To let young users around the world enjoy tech experiences that exceed expectations, we will be more focused in delivering enjoyable brand experiences and product experiences to our young users around the world. Though the changes may not be grand in scale, they are clearer, more concise, and more true to who we are and what we believe in as a brand. With the right focus, we can ensure we remain committed to the right priorities every step of the way.

Of course, this will mean changes in product strategy. We are always thinking about how we can make products better, and recently we have been thinking a lot about how we can make product experiences better. Thinking in terms of product experience means thinking from the perspective of actual users, and actual problems and pain points, at every step of product development. As we continue to grow, we will be investing more resources than ever into understanding the needs of the young generation, so that our product experiences better fit their needs and usage scenarios.

Not many tech brands place young users as their top priority, and because of this, it’s difficult for them to provide well-thought-out product experiences for the young generation. It’s our belief that young users deserve to experience the best of the best––and that starts with exceeding their expectations in performance, design, and photography, while enabling them to more quickly experience advanced technologies and leading performance. This belief has always guided us in our approach to products: We’ve partnered with some of the world’s best designers across various industries to bring Master Designs; We took the lead in making the world’s best charging experience a reality, with the world’s fastest 240W fast charge; We brought the industry’s best telephoto shooting experience, with an industry-leading 3X periscope camera; And we have been the leader in bringing 5G to young users around the world, as the 5G Popularizer.

It is in these three areas of product strength, technological strength, and brand strength that we will stay competitive in the years to come. With our new positioning as A tech brand that better understands young users, each of these three areas will be more youth-focused than ever, rebuilt from the ground up based on young users’ needs and pursuits.

To bring breakthroughs in product strength, we will continue to adhere to the “Simply Better” and “No Leap, No Launch" strategies while clarifying the positioning of our three product lines, with the GT Series positioned as Next-level Performance Flagship, Number Series positioned as Next-gen Imaging, and C Series positioned as Essential Plus.

To bring breakthroughs in technological strength, we will focus on improving the product experience in the three areas of performance, photography, and design, enabling young users to more quickly access advanced technologies with stand-out designs and premium craftsmanship. In 2024, we will also be collaborating with more than 30 leading tech partners while investing more heavily in research and development, enabling us to bring the latest advances in technology directly to our young users.

To bring breakthroughs in brand strength, we will optimize our customer insight mechanisms so that we can better understand the diverse and changing preferences of young users around the world, allowing us to be more adaptive and responsive in our approach. In this way, we will be able to directly implement new user insights into our brand and product development, even while in the middle of projects, making for a brand experience that feels more fluid, dynamic, and three-dimensional.

By combining breakthroughs in these three areas, we will take our positioning as A tech brand that better understands young users from an idea into reality.

Make it real.

With a more focused, concise, and cohesive mission and positioning, our internal brand development strategy will be stronger and more integrated than ever. But with 2024 being our year of rebranding, other more visible changes will also be evident.

The first is an optimized logo. We’ve kept the essence of our original logo, while clarifying the design language to bring more precise details and a more international brand image, in line with our mainstream outlook.

The most obvious change, though, will be our new slogan––Make it real. Retaining the spirit of our Dare to Leap spirit, Make it real broadens the scope of our brand story, focusing more on young users, and bringing real, clear, and tangible benefits to their lives.

By providing advanced tech products built around the needs of young users, we enable young users to make breakthroughs in work and in life, and make their dreams a reality.

By bringing a youthful energy to our users, we allow them to enjoy greater freedom and comfort in work and in life.

By bringing a friendly and encouraging atmosphere to our young users, we show them that we share the same values and pursuits as they do.

The young generation is vibrant, hopeful, and full of life. They have high expectations for themselves, with endless ambitions and aspirations. We believe that the young generation has the potential to exceed their own expectations, living a life where their dreams become reality. And at realme, we are the same; that is why we strive to Make it real.

As the final element of our rebranding, we will also be shifting our brand outlook from being a brand that is “opportunity-oriented” to being a brand that is “brand-oriented”. This involves a change in brand strategy, guided by our new brand positioning, that will serve as the foundation of our strategic development moving forwards.

We strive to let young users around the world enjoy tech experiences that exceed expectations.

We are realme––a tech brand that better understands young users.

Together, let’s Make it real.

Sky Li

realme Founder and CEO

January 3rd, 2024






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