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realme Link Privacy Policy

Realme Chongqing Mobile Telecommunications Corp., Ltd. and its affiliated companies (hereinafter referred to as “realme” or “we”) are committed to protecting and respecting your privacy. Through this realme Link Privacy Policy (hereinafter referred to as “Privacy Policy”), we will explain to you the purposes, method and scope of the collection and use of your personal information by us, your rights to your personal information, and the security measures we take to protect your information.

This Privacy Policy applies to the functions and services of the realme Link product itself (including the functions and services of the realme Link application itself and the products and services provided by realme, which are connected through realme Link). Please read this Privacy Policy carefully to understand our practices regarding user privacy before using our products and services or submitting personal information.

In this Privacy Policy, “personal information” means various information recorded electronically or otherwise that can be directed to an identified or identifiable natural person, alone or in combination with other information. Such personal information includes, but is not limited to, the information and device information you provide or upload.


This Privacy Policy is intended to help you understand the following:

  1. How We Collect and Use Your Personal Information
  2. How We Retain Your Personal Information

III. How Your Personal Information May Be Disclosed

  1. How We Protect Your Personal Information
  2. Your Rights to Your Personal Information
  3. How We Handle Personal Information of Children

VII. Third-party Services and Products

VIII. How Your Personal Information is Transferred Globally 

  1. How This Privacy Policy is Updated
  2. Other Agenda


  1. How We Collect and Use Your Personal Information

Information that we collect

In order to provide you with our services, to ensure normal operation and security of our products and services, and to improve and optimize our products and services, we will collect related information actively provided by you, authorized by you, or generated during your use of our products and services.

The information we collect depends on the actual products and services you are using, the environment in which you interact with us, the choices you make, including your privacy settings and the specific products and features you use. In our collection of information, it is not required of you to provide us with your personal information. However, for the personal information necessary to provide specific services, if you choose not to provide it, we may not be able to provide you with the relevant products or services, nor respond to or solve any problems with which you are confronted. It is worth noting that, we usually identify the area you choose for the first login (or subsequent changes you make through settings) as the actual place where the products and services are used, and comply with local laws and regulations, including those related to data protection.

We may collect the following types of information:

  • Information you provide or upload: We may collect personal information you provide to us, such as your name, mobile phone number, email address, login account information (such as your head portrait, nickname, security-related information, birthday, gender), height, weight, information or data synchronized by the device you used to access realme Link, as well as the account and related settings information you created in realme Link, devices you added or messages sent, feedback, etc.


  • Device information: According to your device model and authorized permissions during installation, operation and use of realme Link products and services, we will collect information related to the devices using realme Link products and services, such as device name, device model, unique device identification code, IMEI number,  IMSI number, device manufacturer information, device network information (including network operator name and network information), IP address, MAC address, device accelerometer (such as gravity sensor), system version and settings information for the device used to access the services.


  • Location information: Various information related to your device or your location, such as the device’s GSP signal or information about nearby WiFi access points and cell towers, device location ID, network service provider ID, area and country code, city code, mobile network code, mobile device country code, WiFi access point and other related information, cell identification code, region name, latitude and longitude, time zone setting and language setting. The collection of location information is only applicable to specific services/scenarios, such as for providing weather services, or when some devices are associated with a third party such as Android that may require that location services be turned on to discover associated devices, and so on. We will ask you about the location-based applications you want to enable. You can modify the location settings of your device in Device Settings (for example, you can change or disable the methods and servers used by location-based services, thereby changing the location information provided to us), in order to change the location information you provide to us.


  • Log information: Information related to your use of certain features, mobile applications and websites, such as cookies and other anonymous identifier technologies, network request information, temporary message history, time and duration of service use, search queries entered through the service, standard system logs, and event information for devices and software (such as restarts, upgrades, errors and crashes), and so on. The Android system is designed in such a way that your error or crash events will include the overall information when the events occur. Such information will only be used for error log analysis, but not for individual identification or any other purposes. We also clear the logs we collect on a regular basis.


  • Your use case: We collect information about how you use our products and services, such as the type of content you view or interact with; the features you use; the actions you perform, and the time, frequency, and duration of your online activities. We also collect information about how you use our product features (such as the camera).


  • Account credentials: Information about your account credentials, such as passwords, password security questions and answers, and so on.


  • Other information related to your service use, such as the application version, the websites you have visited, and how you interact with the content provided by the services.


Please be informed and understand that the functions and services we provide to you are constantly being updated and developed, and that depending on the characteristics of certain realme Link products or services, we may also request you to provide and collect your personal information in other scenarios. In these cases, we will inform you in the separate privacy policies, website notifications, or interactive processes of the relevant products or services in order to obtain your consent.


Please note that we may work with third-party service providers to implement the functions and services mentioned above, hence, the provider may receive and store certain personal information. Such third parties will not use such information for any other purposes.


In addition, based on the characteristics of some realme products or services, where permissible by law, we may obtain data about you from public or commercial sources, and may combine that information with other information received or related to you. If you choose to sign in and use our services via an account (such as HeyTap, Facebook, etc.) of our affiliated companies or partners, we may obtain your information, such as your username and head portrait, from these services.


How such personal information may be used

We collect personal information to provide you with products and/or services, to improve and optimize our services so that we can provide you with better product experience and ensure that our products or services are operating safely and properly. With your consent, or when we need to fulfill our obligations to you under the user agreement and/or service contract, or when we are bound by legal obligations, or when after assessment we consider it necessary to protect our legitimate interests or those of a third party, we will process your personal information in compliance with applicable laws and regulations, as well as our agreement with you.

You hereby agree that we may process your personal information for the purposes set out in this Privacy Policy, and disclose your personal information to our affiliated companies (relating to communications, social media, technology, and cloud services) and third-party service providers (as defined below).

We may use your personal information for the following purposes:

  • To provide, process, maintain, improve and develop our merchandise and/or services to you, and services provided through connected devices or realme Link.


  • To communicate with you, provide customer support, or notify you of push services. We will communicate with you about your devices, services or any general inquiries (such as updates, device firmware/software upgrades, customer consultation and support, related information, notifications), such as sending notifications, service follow-ups and so on.


  • To improve products and user experience. We will perform statistical analysis on the collected information related to the use of our products and services, in order to better improve and develop our products and services, enhance the user experience of our products, and strengthen product performance.


  • To provide you with personalized services and carry out marketing related activities. We may use your personal information for analysis of user profile and behaviors, in order to display and push to you the information, commodities or services that are more suitable for you, or to improve protection and security. For example, we will provide your records on downloading and un-installing apps to the App Store you use, so that it may recommend you products that you may be interested in. At the same time, we may combine your personal information we have collected in our various services to provide you with more optimized product and service experience overall.


  • Direct marketing. We may use your contact information (such as phone number, email address, etc.), account number, and IMEI number to provide to you promotional materials related to products and services from us, our affiliate companies, and our partners (that are providing networking, mobile applications, and cloud products and services). We strictly comply with the requirements of the applicable data protection laws where you are located, and will use your data only after obtaining your explicit consent or through a clear affirmative operation, to confirm that we have obtained your consent or that you have expressed no objection. If you no longer wish to receive certain types of email, you can unsubscribe through the appropriate settings.


  • Analysis, audit and prevention of fraud.  We may use the data you provide to verify your identity, analyze our business efficiency, review transactions, and prevent fraud. We only use statistical data. The use of such data will not be linked to you personally.


  • Commercial promotion activities: If you participate in lucky draws, competitions or other similar promotion activities held by us, we will use the personal information that you provide for the management of such activities.
  • Storage and maintenance of information related to you, for use in our operations or to fulfill our legal obligations.


If the information we use has gone beyond the purpose set out in this Privacy Policy, or the purpose as notified at the time of its collection, and such information has a direct or reasonable connection, we will ask for your consent in advance. We will not provide the user's personal information or behavioral data to any third parties without the user's consent, except as otherwise provided by laws and regulations.

More details about how we use your information are provided as follows:

  • Log in to realme Link: When you log in to realme Link, the personal information you actively provide and the information authorized to us when you log in through the account of our affiliate or partner will be used to create your personal account and profile page.


  • To provide location-based services. When using realme Link and devices connected to realme Link, we may use your location information to determine the time zone of your device to ensure that the time and the login service area are accurately displayed. As well as turning on the corresponding devices for you in advance according to you choices, and other experiences. You can turn this feature off at any time by going into Device Settings or by stopping to use this application.


  • Device access. For the device to operate through the App, the authenticity of the device must be verified, therefore we will need to verify the legal identity of the device by checking the factory MAC, IMEI and other information. In addition, if the device needs to be connected to the network to be used, you need to set up the corresponding network settings for the device through the App. This process requires you to enter the corresponding WiFi name and password. This information is only used for the device’s network configuration. We also need to select the optimal networking method for the device by assessing the IP and network signals to ensure the stability of the device’s networking.


  • Device status display. It allows you to remotely view the status of the device so that you do so at any time.


  • To set up automated tasks. Event information reported by your device (the information comes from the device you added, specific information that can be setup depends on the scope of your privacy authorization for the device. Each added device will be provided the relevant provisions of the privacy policies of the device provider, which you can choose to agree or not) can be used to create your own automated tasks.


  • To provide notifications and push services. Your realme Link account and IMEI number will also be accessed to provide realme Link push services and to send device notifications to users, such as receiving the connection status of associated devices. You can turn this feature off at any time by changing your preferences under “Message Settings”.


  1. How We Retain Your Personal Information

In general, we retain your personal information only for the period of time necessary to achieve the purposes as set out in this Privacy Policy, or as has been notified to you at the time of its collection, unless a longer retention period is required by law. We will delete or anonymize your personal information upon expiry of the retention period as described above.

If we stop operating some or all of our products or services for special reasons, we will promptly inform you and stop the collection and processing of personal information by the related products or services, and we will delete or anonymize the personal information we hold that is related to the said products or services, unless otherwise required by laws and regulations.


III. How Your Personal Information May Be Disclosed

We will not share or transfer your personal information to other companies, organizations or individuals outside of realme, except in the following cases:

  1. With your consent: With your prior consent, we may share your personal information with other third parties;
  2. Used for external processing. In some cases, we will entrust a third party to process your personal information on our behalf. For example, companies that send text messages or emails and provide technical support on behalf of us. These companies can use your personal information solely to provide services to you on our behalf.
  3. realme may, from time to time, share some personal information with its affiliated companies and the strategic partners that work with it, in order to provide the products or services as per you request. Your personal information will not be shared with third parties for their own marketing or commercial purposes.
  • Affiliated company: Your personal information may be shared with associated companies of realme. We will only share the necessary personal information, and such sharing is restricted to the purpose stated in this Privacy Policy. We will try to obtain your approval and consent once again if we change the purposes for which we or our affiliated companies use and process your personal information.
  • Sharing with authorized partners: Some of our services will be provided by our authorized partners solely for the purpose of implementing what has been stated in this Privacy Policy. We may share some of your personal information with our partners to provide better customer service and user experience. Our authorized partners include, but are not limited to, carriers, regional agents of realme, logistics companies, realme cloud service providers, and technical service providers. For example: When you use a weather application, in order to provide you with a more accurate weather forecast service, we may need to provide your location information to a professional third-party service provider. When analyzing your error logs, we may need to provide your log information to third-party service providers or professional technical service providers of the related apps.
  • When we are in a process of merger, acquisition or bankruptcy liquidation, and if such process requires a transfer of your personal information, we will require the new company or organization that shall hold your personal information to continue to be bound by the restrictions stated in this Privacy Policy, otherwise we will require this company or organization to ask your permission and consent again. If it does not involve the transfer of personal information, we will fully inform you and delete or anonymize all personal information under our control.

We will require the above-mentioned third parties to take considerable confidentiality and security measures to handle personal information through agreements or other appropriate measures.

  1. For legal reasons. If we believe, in good faith, that it is necessary to access, use, retain, or disclose your personal information for the following purposes, we may disclose your personal information to third parties:
  • Compliance with applicable laws and regulations or mandatory government requirements;
  • Compliance with court summons, judgments, rulings or other legal, litigation or legal requirements;
  • Investigation, detection, prevention or solution of fraud, security or technical issues;
  • For implementations related to the service agreements or for safeguarding public interests;
  • To the extent required or permitted by law, in order to protect the personal and property safety, or other legitimate rights and interests, of you, our customers, us, our affiliated companies, other users, or employees, for which it is reasonable and necessary;
  • Other circumstances required or permitted by law.


  1. How We Protect Your Personal Information
  2. We have taken reasonable and feasible technical security and organizational measures to protect the information collected for the services. However, please note that while we have taken reasonable steps to protect your information, no website, Internet transmission, computer system, or wireless connection is absolutely secure.
  3. We have adopted security measures that are in line with industry standards to protect the personal information you provide, and to prevent unauthorized access, public disclosure, use, modification, damage, or loss of the data. We will take all reasonable and practical steps to protect your personal information, including:
  • We will use SSL and other technical means to encrypt many of our services. We will regularly examine our practice of information collection, storage, and processing (including physical security measures) to prevent unauthorized system access.
  • We will only allow realme employees who need to know such information for assisting us in processing the personal information, and the personnel of the companies authorized to process such information on our behalf and to access personal information. Such employees or personnel need to fulfill strict contractual confidentiality obligations. Should they fail to fulfill these obligations, they may be held accountable for legal liabilities or their relationship with realme may be terminated.
  • The security of your information means a great deal to us. Therefore, we will continue our efforts to protect your personal information and implement safeguard measures, such as providing full encryption for information storage and transmission, to prevent your information from unauthorized access, usage or disclosure. For specific contents of some encrypted data, no one but the user has the right to access them.
  • We will adopt encryption and other security measures to transmit and store your personal information of particular types; and we will use technical measures to process your personal biometric information before storing it, e.g., we will only store the essential components of such personal biometric information.
  • We will prudently select business partners and service providers, and implement the requirements for personal information protection to the business contracts or audits and assessments between both parties.
  • We will conduct security and privacy protection training courses, testing, and publicity activities to enhance employees' awareness of the importance of protecting personal information.
  • We will adopt international and industry-recognized standards to protect your personal information, and actively pass relevant security and privacy protection certifications.
  1. In the event of a personal information security incident, we will, in accordance with the requirements of relevant laws and regulations, promptly inform you of the following: the basic situation and possible impact of the security incident, disposal measures we have taken or will take, suggestions for your self-protection and risk mitigation, remedies for you, etc. We will inform you of the relevant situation of the event by email, letter, telephone, or push notification in a timely manner. When it is difficult to inform owners of the personal information individually, we will issue an announcement in a reasonable and effective manner. Meanwhile, we will also actively report the handling of the personal information security incident in accordance with the requirements of the regulatory authorities.
  2. Your Rights to Your Personal Information

realme respects your rights to your personal information. Below is a list of your legal rights as well as the measures that we take to protect these rights. Please note that, due to security reasons, we may verify your identity before processing your request. In principle, we do not charge any fees if your request is reasonable. However, based on the actual situation, we will impose a certain fee to cover our costs for repeated requests or requests that extend beyond reasonable limits. We may reject requests that are unreasonably repetitive, require disproportionate technical effort (for example, developing a new system or fundamentally changing an existing practice), may be detrimental to the legal rights and interests of others, or are very impractical. In addition, we may not be able to respond to your request if your request is directly related to matters involving national security, national defense, public health, criminal investigation, and other public interests, or if the request may severely impair the legitimate rights and interests of you or those of other individuals and organizations.

  1. Right to be informed:We publish this Privacy Policy to inform you of how we handle your personal information. We are committed to being open and transparent about how we use your personal information.
  2. Right to access:You may directly search or access your personal information in the interface for our products or services. For instance, you may, at any time, log into your account to browse information on  realme Link or devices accessed through realme Link. If you are unable to query or access your personal information on your own, or if you encounter any problems while exercising your right to access data, you can request access by contacting us at
  3. Correction Right: If you find that the personal information we processed about you is inaccurate or incomplete, you have the right to have us rectify or amend it. For parts of your personal information, you can directly correct and modify them on the relevant function page of the product or service. For personal information that has not yet been made available for your modification, you can request correction or supplementation by contacting us at
  4. Right to delete: When you find us collecting or using your personal information in violation of relevant laws, administrative regulations or this Privacy Policy, you have the right to delete the relevant personal information. You may request us to delete the personal data submitted by you or anonymize them by contacting our data protection officer via
  5. Right to Withdraw Consent: To function properly, each function or specific services may require some basic personal information from you (see "How we collect and use your personal information" of this Privacy Policy). For the collection and use of additional personal information, you can grant or withdraw your authorization and consent at any time. If you withdraw your authorization or consent, we will no longer be able to provide you with the corresponding service for which you have withdrawn your authorization or consent.

Once you withdraw your consent, we will no longer process your personal information. However, the withdrawal of consent shall not affect the lawfulness of processing based on consent before its withdrawal. You can change the scope of information we are authorized to collect by taking actions such as deleting your information, turning off device functions, or simply by withdrawing your authorization.

  1. Right to Complain:You have the right to file service complaints by contacting online customer service. We will respond within 15 days from the date of receipt of your complaint (or an extended period as allowed by law in that jurisdiction).

Special Provisions of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) (if applicable)


If you are an EU user under the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), you have the rights to:


  • Require us to delete your personal information. If there are relevant provisions in the GDPR, we will consider the reasonableness of the deletion requirements and take reasonable steps, including technical measures.


  • For restricting our processing of your personal information, we will consider the reasonableness of such restriction. If there are relevant regulations in the GDPR, we will only process your personal information in a manner consistent with the applicable regulations in the GDPR and notify you before the restrictions are lifted.


  • It will not be affected by decisions that are entirely based on automated processing (including profiling), that could have a legal effect on you or have a similarly significant impact on you.


  • Request us to provide your personal information we collect through realme Link in a commonly structured format, and also send that information to a third party. We can only provide support based on reasonable technical feasibility, and we cannot provide data that violates the rights of others. Please also note that we cannot protect the security of your personal information with third-party data recipients. Please understand fully their personal information and privacy protection policies with those data recipients before deciding to transfer your personal data to those third parties.


In addition, we have provided you with corresponding operational settings in the application design to facilitate your management of personal information and rights. For more details related to the personal information in your realme Link, you can access and change them through your device login account.

At the same time, realme Link may access certain features on your device, such as its WiFi network status. Such information is used to allow these applications to run on your device and to allow you to interact with them. At any time, you can revoke the permission by closing the application at the device level.


  1. How We Handle Personal Information of Children

Our products, websites and services are mainly for adults. Children (we regard anyone who is under the age of 14, or a person below a similar minimum age restrictions in the relevant jurisdiction, as a child) may not use our products without the consent of their parents or guardians. A child's personal information, collected with the consent of a parent or guardian, will be disclosed only to the extent permitted by law along with the expressed consent of a parent or guardian or when it is necessary to protect the child concerned.


If we discover that we have collected the personal information of a child without having obtained an expressed and verifiable parental consent, we will attempt to delete the relevant data as soon as possible.


VII. Third-party Services and Products

Our privacy policy does not apply to products and services provided by third parties. realme products and services may include third-party products and services, and links to third-party websites. We have no control over third-party privacy and data protection policies as such third parties are not bound by this Privacy Policy. Your information may also be collected when you use third-party products or services. Therefore, we strongly recommend that you read and understand their privacy protection policies before submitting your personal information to third parties. We are not responsible for how third parties use the personal information they collect from you, nor can we control their use. Our privacy policy does not apply to other websites linked through our services.

When you use the extension services for these specific products on the realme Link platform, the third-party terms and privacy policies apply, and you agree to the terms of each extension.

  1. If you use the mobile phones of certain mobile phone manufacturers (such as Xiaomi, Huawei, VIVO, OPPO and other brands) that use realme Link, the aforementioned mobile phone manufacturers’ push SDK that we connect to requires the collection of unique identification information (such as IMEI), and may collect your mobile phone’s model number, OS type, OS version, device screen size, and other parameters used to push our product information. For specifics, please refer to the privacy policy or related statements of the SDK operator.
  2. Social media (features) and widgets: Our applications may include some social media features, including Facebook Like buttons and widgets, such as the “Share” button. These features may collect your IP address and the pages you browse on our website, and may generate cookies to allow the features to work properly. Social media features and widgets are either hosted by third parties or hosted directly on our website. Your interactions with these features are governed by the privacy policy of the companies that provide them.
  3. Single Click Sign-On. Depending on your jurisdiction, you can use the login services provided by Facebook Connect or Open ID to log into our website. These services will verify your identity and let you choose whether to share certain personal information with us (such as your name and email address) in order to automatically fill out our registration form. Services such as Facebook Connect allow you to choose whether to post information about your personal activities that are on this site onto your profile page, for sharing with others on the Internet.


VIII. How Your Personal Information Is Transferred Globally

As a globally operating company, headquartered in China, we provide our products or services through resources and servers around the world. We have established data centers in China, France, Singapore, and India, which means, in compliance with applicable local laws and regulations, your personal information may be transferred to, or accessed from, the jurisdictions outside the country/region in which you use the product or service. In principle, the personal information collected and generated within the People's Republic of China will be stored within the territories of the People's Republic of China; personal information collected and generated within the EU is stored within the territories of the EU.

You understand that different data protection laws involve different risks. In such cases, we will take measures to ensure that the data we collect is processed in accordance with this Privacy Policy and applicable laws, and that your personal information is equally protected as in the country/region where you use the product or service. For example, we will ask your permission to transfer your personal information across borders, and we will implement security measures such as encryption, de-identification, and signing necessary data transfer/sharing protocols with data recipients prior to cross-border data transfer.

In particular, if we transfer your personal information collected and generated within the European Union to a country outside the European Economic Area (EEA), we will implement such a transfer in accordance with EU standard contract terms or any other safeguards as set out in the GDPR. For example, we will ensure that your personal information is properly protected, such as:

  1. Recipients of personal information are located in countries with a sufficient degree of protection as recognized by the European Commission;
  2. Recipients must be able to comply with binding corporate rules (only applicable to transfers within a corporate group);
  3. The recipient has signed a contract based on “standard contract terms” as approved by the European Commission and is bound by the contract to protect your personal information; or
  4. If the recipient is located in the United States, it should be a member of the EU-US Privacy Shield agreement.

In cases without the appropriate protections described above, we will obtain your explicit consent before transferring your personal information across borders. Meanwhile, we will use security measures such as encryption or de-identification to protect your personal information.

  1. How This Privacy Policy Is Updated

We will update and revise this Privacy Policy from time to time, and we may send you notices through different channels or forms. We will notify you of major changes to this Privacy Policy through the email address provided by you, by posting a notification on the website, or via pushing notifications to you through realme Link, so that you can understand the information we collect and how we use such information. This Privacy Policy is subject to adjustments, but without your express consent, we will not diminish your rights under this Privacy Policy.

The products and services of realme referenced herein are subject to changes based on the phone models and system versions you use, or the requirements of local laws and regulations. The final products and services shall be the products and services used in your phone and system.

We reserve the right to update or modify this Privacy Policy from time to time. We will send you notification of updates through various channels. For major changes to the Privacy Policy, if you have provided us with an email address, we will notify you via email before the changes take effect, otherwise we will post a notice on our website or send push notifications to you through our devices.

  1. Other Agenda

How We Use Cookies and Other Similar Technologies


  1. What are cookies?

Cookies are small files that our websites, apps, or services transfer to and store on your device. realme websites, online services, interactive apps, emails and advertisements may use cookies and other similar technologies, such as pixel tags and web beacons. Cookies may be stored on your computer for a short period of time (e.g., only when your browser is open) or for a longer period of time, even years. We cannot access the cookies that are not set by us.


  1. The cookies we use
  • realme and its partners use cookies or similar tracking technologies to better understand the use of mobile software on your device, how often you use the app, what events occur within the app, cumulative usage, performance data, and from where the app was downloaded. We will not link the information stored in the analysis software to any personal information you submit in the mobile app.


  • realme and its partners use cookies or similar tracking technologies to analyze trends, manage websites, track user behaviors on the websites, and collect aggregate demographic information for our user base.


  • Many web browsers have the Do Not Track feature. This sends "Do Not Track" requests to websites. If your browser has Do Not Track turned on, all of our sites will respect this preference.


  • Like most sites, we automatically collect certain information to analyze cumulative trends and manage our sites. This information may include the Internet Protocol (IP) address, browser type, Internet service provider (ISP), reference/exit page, files you view on our sites (such as HTML pages and graphics), operating system, date/time stamps, and/or clickstream data.


  • We work with third parties to display advertisements on our websites or to manage our advertisements on other websites. Our third-party partners may use Cookies or similar tracking technologies to provide advertisements to you based on your browsing activities and interests. If you want to opt out of receiving interest-based advertising, you can use "Clear/Disable Cookies" (as described below) to manage cookies and cookie preferences. Please note that you will continue to receive general advertising that does not target any specific person when you visit the above websites.


  1. Clear/disable cookies

Cookies and Cookie Preferences shall only be managed from the Options/Preferences panel of your browser. Below are guides for managing cookies in some popular browsers:

  • Microsoft Internet Explorer

-Microsoft Edge

-Mozilla Firefox

-Google Chrome

-·Safari for MacOS

-·Safari for iOS


  1. More information about cookies

For more information about cookies and instructions on how to configure your browser to accept, delete or disable cookies, please refer to


Contact Us

If you have any opinion or issue regarding this Privacy Policy, or if you have any issue regarding our collection, use or disclosure of your personal information, please contact us using the following address with mention of "Privacy Policy":

Contact address: No.178 Yulong Avenue, Yufengshan, Yubei District, Chongqing, China



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