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Turn realme fans' ideas into reality!
This is the very idea behind our realme UI Widget Co-creation Campaign. realme fans will have a unique opportunity to influence and co-create our future realme UI widget.
Not only will we make sure that our new realme UI widget has a unique, cutting edge design, but we hope to implement some advanced functionalities so it will blend perfectly with your daily usage and provide you with the information you need every time they unlock the screen.
What widget would you like to have on your homescreen? Seize the chance to have your idea come true and inspire our upcoming realme UI widget.
Submit your idea now and let's co-create it together!
Music Album
Intelligently identify the wonderful people and events in the album, match the rhythm of the music and constantly refresh the preset photos accordingly
Walk On The Moon
Correlate steps in the digital world with real-world scenarios and relatively turn your daily steps into interstellar walking distance
City Lights
The longer you use the apps, the more lights in city buildings will be turned off to remind you to take a break and recharge your building lights
2022 OCT
2022 NOV
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2022 NOV
2022 DEC
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Before you start, make sure you are familiar with the DESIGN SPECIFICATIONS for realme UI widget

More Rules

1. If you want to submit multiple ideas, you should fill in and submit a separate form for each idea.

2. The uploaded entries must be original. Once the entry is found to be plagiarism, the organizer has the right to cancel the qualification of the entry.

3. For all entries, please save the source files of the process drafts and finished drafts

* The final interpretation right of this event is owned by realme

More than imagination
We hope to co-create our new realme UI widget with our fans around the world, connecting the physical world with the digital one through creativity.
Entry Requirements
Widget References
Walk On The Moon
Combining elements: steps X interstellar
walkingFunction introduction: correlate steps in the digital world with real-world scenarios and relatively turn your daily steps into interstellar walking distance
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