• To protect the battery life, the smart service function will intelligently control the charging speed according to your charging habits, and keep the battery level around 80% until the phone detects that you need a full charge, and then quickly fill up the remaining 20% of the battery. 1. Optimized night charging (for night) Charge to 80% while sleeping at night and stop charging, and expect to be charged to 100% when you wake up in the morning. Path: Settings > Search“Optimized night charging”in the search bar > Optimized night charging. Supported version: realme UI 4.0 and above version Note: The Optimized night charging will be upgraded to Wise charging with the version update. 2. Wise charging (for all day) Our wise charging feature will automatically adjust the charging speed and level to decelerate battery aging according to your usage habits. When you have scenarios where you charge for a long time, such as working or sleeping, we will pause the charging when the battery reaches 80%, and then quickly fill up to 100% before you expect to unplug the charger. (For example: If you are a taxi driver (or an office worker) who likes to keep the charger plugged in while working, we will limit the charging to 80% during your working hours, and then resume charging to 100% before you finish work.) Path: realme UI 5.0: Settings > Battery > Battery Health > Wise/Smart charging. Related Articles: Phone freezes when charging How to deal with phone charging slowly

  • Please note that Charging Animation is enabled by default. Further, it will work only when there is default theme applied and no notification appears on the lock screen.

  • Device Settings > Security > Credential Storage > Install Certificate from Storage. Further, go to Device Settings > Security > Credential Storage > Trusted Certificates > Select "User" Tab

  • Problem Phenomenon: How to Disable ads in the realme phone. (Approaches to disable ads) Solution: You may disable the ads with the below steps: realme UI 4.0 & 3.0 & 2.0 & 1.0: Settings > Additional/System Settings > Get Recommendations > Click to Disable. realme UI R & T & S & Go Edition: Settings > search Personalized news in the Search bar > click Personalized news > Disable. realme UI 5.0: Not supported Sometimes, the advertisements you see may be caused by some third-party apps or website caches stored in the browsers. And not by the device’s built-in advertisements if the advertisements show up through browsers. Please clear the entire browsing history (from the beginning) and block ads in Google Chrome by following these steps: Google Chrome: Step 1: Click on Chrome > Click on the Three Dots at the right top side > Settings > Privacy & Security > Clear Browsing Data. Step 2: Chrome > Settings > Site settings > Ads > Disable Ads. Internet Browser: Step 1: Click on Internet > Click on the three lines below > Settings > Clear data > Choose History > Clear. Step 2: Internet > Click on the three lines below > Settings > Ad Blocking > Turn on Ad Blocking. Software update: Please update your system version to try. realme UI 3.0 & above versions: Settings > About device. Click Up to date/realme UI on the top to check for updates. If there is the latest version, you can download and update it. realme UI 1.0 & 2.0: Settings > Software update. realme R & S & T & Go Edition: Settings > System > System update. Note: For any inside third-Party App Ads, please check the settings of the particular app or contact the App Developer for the ads to be removed. If you can not confirm that the ads issue is with the third party then we can suggest factory data reset the device once after taking proper backup.

  • Applicable products: Smartphones System version: No system version involved To protect our phones, people often apply tempered glass screen protectors. However, if the screen protector installation is not done professionally, it could compromise the integrity of the smartphone. Issues with using a UV Glue Tempered Film UV glue tempered film is one type of screen protector that utilizes a drop of UV glue on the smartphone's screen before curing the glue using ultraviolet light. This installation method provides better adhesion than conventional solid glue tempered films, resulting in a more secure fit that is less likely to detach during regular usage. However, using a UV glue tempered film on mobile phones is risky. Some risks it poses are the following: 1. Formation of bubbles on the screen: Before installing a UV glue tempered film, the UV glue must be evenly applied onto the screen's surface and subsequently covered with a tempered film. Improper execution of this method may result in uneven glue distribution and the formation of permanent bubbles on the screen's surface. 2. The buttons can malfunction: During the application process, the UV glue used in a UV glue tempered film has the potential to seep into the gaps located between the buttons of the smartphone and along the arc of the screen and middle frame. If not detected and addressed before curing the glue, this can cause the buttons to adhere to the shell of the phone, leading to their functional impairment. 3. The earpiece speaker might produce a muffled sound: UV glue can also easily infiltrate the earpiece speaker's small perforations. Upon the glue's curing, the speaker holes can become obstructed, causing a muffled or complete lack of sound output. 4. Touch screen and fingerprint failure: The thickness of the tempered film can exceed that of the device's built-in protective film by two-fold or more. This thickness disparity can cause deviations in capacitance sensing upon touch input, ultimately impairing touch screen responsiveness. Additionally, under-screen fingerprint recognition may be compromised due to the tempered film's effect on light transmission, leading to less sensitive recognition of fingerprints. Note: Purchasing the protective film from realme's official stores is recommended to avoid damaging your smartphone. If you want to replace your phone case or screen protector, visit the Official realme Phone Online Store or other retail or online stores near you. Phone Hole Seal Stickers User Guidance Risk Warning The warranty does not cover the phone failure caused by improper UV adhesive tempering film use. 1. To prevent the UV glue from spilling into the holes and affecting the use, it is recommended to use the supplied side hole sealing film to seal and protect the body holes before applying the film and remove it after the film is completed. 2. The body holes include: the receiver, power button, volume keys, speaker hole, SIM card tray, primary MIC hole, and secondary MIC hole; the specific location can be seen in the lamination position schematic below. 3. UV glue is corrosive to leather; if the phone battery cover is made of leather, please do not let UV glue directly touch the surface of the leather battery cover. User guidance 1. Uncover from the gray area ①. 2. Point the arrow ② to the screen. 3. Use graphics ③ and ④ to position and stick to the corresponding hole of the phone. 4. Stick the seal tightly around the open hole. Note: When laminating, please pay attention to the side of the screen that needs to be completely laminated. It can not be wrinkled or leave a gap to prevent UV adhesive from the gap into the hole to damage the phone. Diagram of lamination position After the film is pasted and the UV glue is completely cured, remove the sealing film and clean the remaining glue around it.

  • With realme UI 3.0 camera mode customization, you can customize the mode display and sort, and you can rearrange your commonly used camera mode icons to the mode bar, making your use more convenient. Operating path: realme UI 1.0 and versions: Camera > More > Edit icon, Touch, hold & drag camera mode icons to rearrange Related Articles: Phone camera can't be turned on Light flickering around the front camera

  • Applicable products: Smartphones,Tablets System version: realmeUI 5.0 and above Communication sharing With Communication sharing, tablets can use nearby phones' communication capabilities to connect to the internet, make or receive phone calls, and send or receive messages. Nearby phones and tablets must be on the same account. Mobile data sharing: There's no need to turn on your phone's personal hotspot. Simply turn on Wi-Fi on your tablet and phone, and the tablet will automatically use the phone's mobile data to browse the internet. Calling sharing:When you receive a phone call, your tablet and phone will both ring. You can answer the call on either device or switch the call to your tablet from your phone. You can also make calls from your tablet. Messaging sharing: New messages are simultaneously delivered to your phone and tablets. You can reply to a message or start a new conversation from any device. How to enable Communication sharing 1. Make sure your tablet and phone are signed in to the same HeyTap Account. Your phone can only share communications with one tablet at a time. 2. Turn on Wi-Fi and Bluetooth on both your tablet and phone. 3. Go to "Settings - Connection & sharing - Multi-Screen Connect" and turn on Auto connect on your tablet and phone. 4. Go to "Settings - Connection & sharing - Multi-Screen Connect - Communication sharing" and turn on Messaging sharing, Mobile data sharing, and Calling sharing on your tablet and phone. 5. Look for the network icon in the tablet's status bar as an indication of successful sharing. 6. When your tablet is connected to Wi-Fi, mobile data sharing is disabled. To experience mobile data sharing, go to "Settings - Wi-Fi" to disconnect or forget the Wi-Fi connection. Available on (all models must upgrade to realmeUI 5.0 or a later version): Phone: realme GT series(must upgrade to realmeUI 5.0) Tablet: Tablets equipped with ColorOS13.1 or above

  • During daily use, your phone's slit, receiver, speaker, headphone jack and USB interface might be contaminatedby dirt and impurities, which will cause poor firmware contact, or block the receiver and speaker; or even breed bacteria and affect your health. So daily cleaning is necessary.Dip a lint-free cloth, medical cotton sticker or makeup cotton in distilled water or low concentration alcohol, then wipe the surface of the phone. When cleaning phone slits and holes, you can clean the dust with a dry toothbrush or a toothpick, or blow the dust with a cold air hair dryer. In addition, to absorb the dust with a low power handheld mini vacuum cleaner is also feasible.If impurities cannot be cleaned up, contact realme Service Center for professional assistances. * NEVER blow dust with a hot air hair dryer to prevent damage caused by overheating. * DO NOT remove the battery cover when cleaning dust to prevent phone electronic components damage.

  • For security and privacy purpose, Google has removed [Forget password] function to keep your phone under secure and private protection. Unless you made a backup before you forgot your passcode, there isn't a way to save your device's data. You'll need to take your phone, proof of purchase and warranty card to visit realme Service Center to flash your device, which deletes all of your data and settings.

  • Insert the card needle into the hole outside the card tray to pop it open. Pull out the card tray and place SIM card on it as per instructions. Insert horizontally to avoid tray damage or SIM card loose. Notice *If SIM card size doesn’t fit the slot, change your SIM card with your telecom operator. *Do not cut your SIM card on your own, otherwise your card may damage. Make sure the edge of SIM card is smooth. *Do not install or remove SIM card when phone is on.

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