Activation Time

Basic Information and Activation Time

The information entered is incorrect. Please enter the IMEI number with 15 digits.

Warm Reminder

  • There may be a delay in activation data inquiries. If your information is not displayed, please try again after 48 hours.
  • Find out your IMEI number:
    1. Turn on the dialer that comes with the system.Enter "*#06#". Your IMEI number will be displayed on-screen.
    2. You can view IMEI information printed on your device packaging.
    3. You can view IMEI information in“Settings > About Phone > Status > IMEI”

IMEI Number Query Results

Remarks:colors in the picture shown are for illustration only. Any specific color is listed below.

Device Model

Device IMEI

Device Color

Activation Time

Should you have any questions, please proceed to realme Customer Serivce Center for verification.

Sorry, no information can be found.

Please make sure this device is purchased from realme authorized official purchase channel and enter the correct IMEI number when querying.

Warm Reminder

If no information can be found again in the correct IMEI number:

  • Please make sure your SIM card has properly inserted into your device;
  • Please check whether your purchase was made from an official authorized channel;
  • Bring your mobile phone with full packaging to the local customer service center for inspection.
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