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64MP Quad Camera Xpert

From 249€
64MP Ultra-clear Primary Lens
The Unrivalled Processor
Charge in a Flash
0.36s Instant Unlock
Ultra Wide-angle| Macro Lens
Portrait Super Nightscape
3D Curved Glass
91.9% Ultra-high Screen-to-body Ratio

64MP Hawk Eye Camera
the Highest Pixel Camera of realme to date

realme X2 comes with the all-new Samsung GW1 sensor that owns the highest pixel count of realme to date. The sensor is equipped with the upgraded Tetracell and 3D HDR technologies for gorgeous photos in any setting.

10x Larger, Crisp Details
Shoot Photos on 3.6 Meter Tall Posters

Armed with 64 megapixels, realme X2 shoots photos at a resolution of 9280×6944, high enough for a magazine cover photo or a 3.6 meter outdoor advertisement banner.

Aaron Huey

realme chief photography officer
National Geographic photographer

Exclusive Camera Tuning by National Geographic Photographer
Aaron Huey worked with realme to tune cameras on the scenes such as seaside, mountain, forest, and city. After countless field tests and fine tuning, realme X2 has superior performance in any situation.

1/1.72'', realme's Largest Sensor
Bigger is Better

Equipped with realme's largest sensor, 1/1.72”, the Hawk Eye camera delivers a great imaging experience. Plus, the newly upgraded Super Nightscape 2.0 uses composite multi-frame engine technology for amazing night shots.

119° Ultra-wide Angle 4x as Wide as Normal View

The ultra-wide angle camera packs a 119°field of view that's 4 times as wide as normal view, and realme's DLDC engine corrects edge distortion ensuring the quality of your shots.

4cm Macro Lens

The 4cm macro lens brings you to the micro world discovering more beauty.

32MP AI Front Camera Portrait Super Nightscape

realme's highest pixel front camera allows you to take crisp photos. The anti-shaking algorithm analysis for the front camera makes selfie videos steady. The Portrait Super Nightscape and intelligent pixel composition technology make selfie videos bright and colorful at night.

All-new Retro Portrait B&W Filter System for Crisp Photos

The portrait lens captures highlights and shadows with a hardware-level B&W filter system, enhancing the quality of photographic works to take studio-like photos.

Anti-shaking Video Shots Can't be More Steady

The UIS (Ultra Image Stabilization) anti-shake algorithm analysis enables your phone to take steady videos with sport camera performance.

Ultra Wide Angle Video 4x as Wide as Normal View

Take videos with the ultra wide angle lens to enlarge the field of view, giving you four times wider view.

Real-time Video Bokeh Effect

With the innovative real-time video bokeh function, each frame employs the bokeh effect. With a realme X2, you can take cinematic close-ups.

960fps Slow-motion Video

The 960fps slow-motion video recording allows to shoot video that is 32 times slower than normal video to capture lots of wonderful moments.

Qualcomm Snapdragon 730G Extremely Fast Processor

8nm Process Technology
35% CPU Performance Improvement
25% GPU Performance Improvement
200% AI Performance Improvement

Qualcomm Snapdragon 730G adopts the superior 8 nm process technology, leading to a 35% performance improvement for a much smoother experience. Moreover, the enhanced Adreno 618, which supports Snapdragon Elite Gaming and Quad HD+ Display, improves GPU performance by 25%, so that realme X2 delivers an ultimate gaming experience. Furthermore, the fourth-generation AI engine can tremendously enhance speech recognition and improve image processing efficiency.

30W VOOC Flash Charge 67% Battery in just 30mins

It is realme's first phone with flagship-level 30W VOOC Flash Charge 4.0 that allows you to flash charge your phone even when watching a film or playing game. It also keeps your phone cool while charging. Five-layers of security protection and current variation monitoring during the whole charge can ensure your security.

4000mAh battery

Latest In-display Fingerprint 0.36s Instant Unlock

realme X2 comes with the latest fingerprint scanner module from Goodix 3.0. Its newly-added security filter upgrades the projecting light from green to full-spectrum white light to monitor in multi-dimensions and substantially improve security performance.

Full-speed E-sports Mode Faster than Wind

Frame Boost 2.0 accelerates the frame rate to improve gaming stability by up to 18%. Touch Boost 2.0 accelerates the touch speed to enhance the system's touch performance by up to 35.2%. Just designed for your ultimate e-sports like gaming experience.

Dual Anti-lock Game AntennaKeep Signal Stable to Win Games

The 2x2 MIMO antenna is used specially to prevent losing signal while holding the phone. Dual Wi-Fi and dual channel acceleration technology lets your realme X2 rapidly and stably connect to the networks.

Game Space and Game Assistant
Exclusive Gamekeeper

Pack all games into Game space and immerse in your games. The gaming assistant can set the Do-Not-Disturb mode and semi-transparent pop-ups to avoid interruptions. Fast screenshots and screen recording are supported to record and share your wonderful in-game moments.

Wormhole-like Streaks on 3D Curved Glass Hold a Parallel Universe

Multiple layers of shadow and tens of thousands of micrometer lines shape the gorgeous wormhole-like streaks. After an entire year of ID research and development, with algorithm analysis and function adjustment, parallel universe is displayed.

91.9% Ultra-high Screen-to-body Ratio
Stunning Sunlight Display

6.4'' Samsung Super AMOLED and sunlight display technology make displayed content readable under sunlight. Plus, the premium COF packing technology brings out a 91.9% screen-to-body ratio, the highest screen-to-body ratio ever of realme. It provides a stunning visual effect when gaming or watching movies.

Sunlight Display Low-Brightness Flicker-Free Eye Care DCI-P3 Display Color Gamut

Ultra Dark Mode Renewed System

realme X2 arms with the popular dark mode in 2019 that can be set automatically or manually. In dark mode, the interface and elements have cool dark theme. Furthermore, dark mode is applicable to many other apps to better improve your experience.

Multifunctional NFC
Convenient Way to Pay

Equipped with NFC, realme X2 can be used as a bank card, making the payment safe anywhere you go on Google Pay.

Dolby Atmos Unleash Audio Nirvana

Resonant and clear, certified by Hi-Res Audio, the sound delivers the Dolby Atmos sound effect. Immerse yourself in a wonderful audio experience when listening to music or watching films.

ColorOS 6 Intelligent System in Boundless Design

The unique and premium aesthetic design of realme X2 gives you novel experience. Besides the breathtaking aesthetic design, ColorOS 6 has more powerful performance, greater energy-saving, and a more intelligent assistant to let you enjoy great visual effects and smooth interactivity.

· realme X2 comes with the the highest pixel camera of realme to date.

· The unlocking speed of fingerprint scanner is obtained from realme lab. Since the test result is affected by test environment, please refer to the actual item.

· The Portrait Super Nightscape of front camera would be rolled out in the subsequent OTA.

· The relevant data of GW1 sensor is obtained from the official website of Samsung Semiconductor.

· The facts of 10x larger, crisp details, 3.6 meter posters and magazine cover photos are obtained from realme lab. The actual result may be affected by the environment.

· realme works with Aaron Huey not National Geographic.

· The actual field of view of ultra wide angle lens is slightly smaller than 119°after distortion correction with DLDC engine. Please subject to the actual item.

· The UIS (Ultra Image Stabilization) anti-shake algorithm analysis would crop photos to some extent to better realize the anti-shake performance.

· The relevant data of Snapdragon 730G is obtained from Qualcomm's official website.

· The battery data is obtained from realme lab. Since the test result is affected by test environment, please refer to the actual item.

· The data of screen-to-body ratio is obtained from realme lab.

· The Ultra Dark Mode will be updated in the subsequent OTA. Please subject to the actual item.



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