Mighty in Style
Unisoc Octa-core Processor
5000mAh Massive Battery
8.5mm Ultra Slim Vertical Stripe Design
16.5cm (6.5'') Fullscreen
Up to 1TB External Memory
3-Card Slot
Unisoc Octa-core Processor
Mighty in Performance
Strong gaming performance starts inside. Octa-core CPUs (2 Cortex-A75s and 6 Cortex-A55s) keep your phone zipping through even the most demanding games. The numbers speak for themselves: AnTuTu Benchmark shows the processor has a whopping score of 209,832.*
AnTuTu Benchmark Score*
ARM Cortex-A75
Up to 1.82GHz
UFS 2.2
300% Faster than eMMC 5.1*
Up to 4GB + 64GB
3-Card Slot Up to 1TB External Memory
realme narzo 50i Prime has a 3-card slot and external memory up to 1TB to allow you the ultimate versatility. That means you get more choice than ever: more sims for multiple uses, more storage space for your favorite photos and videos, and more games and downloads without any worry.
5000mAh Massive Battery
Mighty in Power
A massive 5000mAh battery ensures you are powered throughout the day. Your favorite games, your favorite videos, your favorite people––don't worry, this battery can handle it all.
Ultra Saving Mode
Forgot to charge? Our Ultra Saving Mode has you covered. Even at just 5% power, you can still use the basic functions of your phone with confidence.
5% Battery allows :
1.5 hours*
WhatsApp chatting
2.3 hours*
4.1 hours*
8.5mm Ultra Slim
182g Ultra Light
Your phone shouldn’t just look good, it should feel good in your hands, too. That’s why we’ve re-engineered the internal structure of the phone, making it only 8.5mm slim and 182g light. *
Vertical Stripe Design
Full of Style
realme narzo 50i Prime features a unique design inspired by the speed of race cars. The vertical stripe stretches out into infinity, reflecting the narzo series’ constant pursuit for speed.
Mint Green
Dark Blue
16.5cm (6.5'') Fullscreen
Feel Fully Immersed
The phone comes with a large 16.5cm (6.5'') screen with 88.7% screen-to-body ratio, vivid color details, and smooth refreshing, allowing you to fully immerse yourself in videos and games.*
Screen-to-body Ratio*
Screen colors*
Screen Brightness*
8MP AI Camera
Shoot a blockbuster with ease.
HDR Mode
5MP Selfie Camera
Make every selfie look good.
Based on Android 11


1. The AnTuTu Benchmark Score and the data of UFS 2.2 come from the realme lab. The actual results may vary slightly depending on the environment.

2. 5000mAh is the typical value of realme narzo 50i Prime battery capacity.

3. The data of Ultra Saving Mode comes from the realme lab. The actual results may vary slightly depending on the environment.

4. The thickness and weight data come from the test results of realme lab. Due to different measurement methods, the actual data may have a reasonable tolerance range.

5. The screen spec data comes from the test results of realme lab.

6. The test standards are all from realme lab.

7. Product pictures are for reference only, please refer to the actual products. Certain product specifications and descriptions may change due to reasons like changes in suppliers. The data in the page came from realme designed technical parameters, test data from the laboratories, and supplier test data. In actual circumstances, the data will differ slightly, depending on the test software version, specific testing environment, specific version, and working conditions.


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