Based on Android 11

Customized Design

Define Your realme UI

For Gen Z’s rich imagination, realme UI 2.0 brings incredible customization options so you are free to combine and create your realme UI as you like.

Upgraded Icon Customization.

realme UI 2.0’s icons get even more customization options. You can also download any icon packages as you like.

New Global Theme Color

Now you can define the character of realme UI with 5 types of color series and 10 single colors.

Abundant AOD Choices

Thanks to the unprecedented creation tools, you can create fabulous arts with just a simple touch.

What's more

AI Wallpapers

Now you can choose any picture to create a series of wallpapers.

More Seamless Fonts

Adjust the thickness of the fonts without any limit.

More Comfortable Dark Mode

You can choose from pure dark or comfortable shades of grey for our new dark mode.

Privacy & Sharing

Keep Privacy in the Deep Sea

In this information age, we all live in an unprecedented convenient society, but the more convenient it is, the more privacy problems appear.

Prevent Apps from Getting Your Personal Information

realme UI can protect your personal information from leaking to any app by providing them with a blank ID.

Secure Your Secrets

You can store your secrets in the private space of realme UI with ease, and no one but you can find your locked and hidden apps.

Keep Your Payment Safe

Every payment of yours is safe and protected in the realme UI.

What's more

Android 11 Privacy Protection

realme UI 2.0 is based on Android 11, and adopts the privacy policy from Android 11, keeping your apps authority under control.

App Permission Manager

realme UI 2.0 can detect all app permissions, and you can decide every permission for every app.

Pseudo Base Station Blocking

realme UI 2.0 can help to recognize pseudo base stations and protect you from fraudulent messages and advertisements.

Share Your Wonderful Life

As a member of the modern internet community, where we like to share everything from our life, realme UI 2.0 provides a more convenient way for us to do this.

Share Movies with Subtitle

No need for any third-party apps, you can share your favorite subtitles of movies or TV shows with the new Subtitle Stitching in realme UI 2.0.

What's more

realme Share

You can share your photos and files quickly and easily by realme Share.

Dual Mode Music Share

Share your favorite music with your friends, by connecting two pairs of earphones with one phone.


More than A Smartphone

More than A Smartphone

Update to realme UI 2.0, and your daily life will be more efficient.

Floating & Mini Window

With the new Floating & Mini Window, with just a simple swipe, the app will be floating on your screen, then you can enjoy two apps on one screen simultaneously.

Sleep Well Work Well

Adopting the new Digital Health system from Android 11, now you can get a healthier lifestyle with realme UI 2.0. The Sleep mode will help you sleep well by winding down your phone to cut down the blue light of the screen.

What's more


Utilization of System Resources


System Speed


Frame Rate Stability

* All the data of realme UI 2.0 is obtained from realme Lab.


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