Tips for Choosing True Wireless Earphone: Compare realme Buds Air Neo, realme Buds Air Pro and realme Buds Q

True wireless earphone is becoming a fashionable and smart choice nowadays. No matter you are a commuter who catches a bus and makes calls every day or a student who likes playing games and listening to music, true wireless earphone can satisfy your need. Nevertheless, there are plenty true wireless earphones in the market. It’s hard to choose the one that suits you best. Here are some dimensions for your reference.

1. Noise Cancellation:realme Buds Air Pro

realme Buds Air Pro bears dual mic noise cancellation for calls. It helps the other side hear more clearly and have a more engaging conversation. Call is the most fundamental function of smartphones. And realme Buds Air Pro can help your phone to perform better. To achieve this, you won’t even need to hold the phone to your ears.  

realme Buds Air Pro has powerful Active Noise Cancellation function. It can largely improve the commuting experience. On the one hand, it can cancel the background noise on buses or trains--we all know how annoying the loud speakers can be. On the other hand, cancelling the background noise can help us to feel the music meticulously and clearly. Enjoying music shouldn’t be limited by time and venue.

2. Sports:realme Buds Air Pro & realme Buds Q

If you are a sports lover, you may consider realme buds air pro and realme buds Q. The in-ear design makes them more fixed in your ears, which largely decrease the chance of dropping during exercise.

3. Games:realme Buds Air Pro

All of these realme Buds Air Pro, realme Buds Q and realme Buds Air Neo have super low latency. realme Buds Air Pro even reaches 94 ms with gaming mode on. realme Buds Q and realme Buds Air Neo can also reach 119ms. Whether you are watching a film or play a game, you can keep perfect audio-to-studio sync for a smoother experience.

4. Comfort:realme Buds Air Neo

With the semi-in-ear design and flat plug design, realme Buds Air Neo is outside the canal when wearing. As a result, the wearing experience is more comfortable and pleasant. realme Buds Air Neo is suitable for people that tend to use earphones for a long time. Moreover, a single earphone only weighs 4.1g, which further ease the burden of wearing.

5. Appearance:realme Buds Air Pro & realme Buds Q

If you attach great importance to appearance, realme Buds Air Pro & realme Buds Q can be good options. 
Over a period of 180 days, design master José Lévy and the realme team worked on the design of realme Buds Q, iterating over 200 times, and fine-tuned the curvature of the G3 curve to give you a cobble-like design that is mellow and comfortable. Composed of countless curves the surface adopts 9 m spark pattern technologies to achieve the advanced frosted texture so that you can experience the original quality od cobbles in your hands.
realme Buds Air Pro also has classic cobble shape transcending design. Wearing these trendy earphones will surely win you second glances.

6. Sound Quality:realme Buds Air Pro & realme Buds Air Neo

realme Buds Air Pro posseses 10mm bass boost driver and a Dynamic Bass Boost composite bass enhancement algorithm makes the bass deeper and richer. Furthermore, the in-ear design improves airtightness so that the expressiveness of bass is better. Feel the bass when listening to electronic or rock music!

realme Buds Air Neo has 13mm Dynamic Bass Boost which gives incredible sound experience. The flexibility of polyurethane combined with the rigidity of titanium allows realme Buds Air Neo to provide both deep, powerful bass and clear, treble ranges. A special opening allows for clear vocals in mid-range frequencies.

No matter what you are pursuing, outstanding sound quality or reliable sports partner, realme has products that suit your need.


Spec realme Buds Q realme Buds Air Pro realme Buds Air Neo
delay 119ms 94ms  119ms
charging time Charging Box: about 2H Charging Box:Wired charging about 2H;
earphone : charging mins:1H
Charging Box:Wired charging about 3H;
earphone : charging45mins ~ 60mins
talk time ~3 H (ANC ON)3H   
(ANC OFF)about 4H
~1.5 H
standby time ~50H 35H ~25 H
music playing time ~4.5 H
Upto 20 hours of total playback 

(ANC ON)                   ~5H
Upto 20 hours of total playback                 

(ANC OFF)                 ~ 6H
Upto 25 hours of total playback

~3 H
Upto 17 hours of total playback 
Remarks: 1. The delay data is theortical number measured under Low delay mode/Game mode.
2. The talk time and muic playing time is measured under 50% volume.


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