PETALING JAYA, 16th February 2021 — Kelab Sukan Elektronik Generasi Bijak (GenBijak e-Sports) will collaborate with Kedah, Perak, Putrajaya and Johor State Education Departments (JPN) in succeeding Generasi e-Sukan Sekolah 2021 program which will involve participation from 4 states and it is expected to be participate by more than 30 thousand students and it will be sponsored by realme Malaysia. This program has also received full support from the Malaysian e-Sports Federation (MESF) & the Ministry of Youth & Sports (KBS).


This program is the first to be organized involving 4 states at once. The program collaborate with Kedah, Perak, Putrajaya and Johor State Education Departments will last for 6 months starting on 6th March 2021 until August 2021. The GES2021 program themed 'Education in Games' is totally different from nowadays e-Sports tournaments. This match will start with the recitation of prayers, follow by the National Anthem Negaraku and each States Anthem involved which we aiming to encourage patriotic excitement to the audience which consist of parents, teachers, the community and especially the participants. Apart from that, there is also a video interlude from a specialist doctor who will be educating on 'healthy gaming', a representative from Moonton Malaysia as the legitimate publisher of Mobile Legend Malaysia, Mr Arif Shahir is also involved to speak on future career topics in e-Sports and short tazkirah slots from Ustaz celebrities for spiritual and physical filling.



Registration is also in progress from 6th February 2021 until 28th February. The uniqueness of Generasi e-Sukan Sekolah 2021 is that every group that wants to register must be managed by a manager consisting either parents or teachers who are appointed only with the full permission by the parents. Each participant will also receive a state-level e-certificate. A total of 256 groups from the primary and secondary categories for each state will compete and each group representing their respective schools and the selected winners will compete with the winners from other states.


It is our biggest hope to see Generasi e-Sukan Sekolah 2021 can provide opportunities and space for students to highlight their talents and aspire to be one of the educated e-Sports athlete in the nearest future.


Any questions can contact the number 018-2094517 (Mr Hafiz) or 012-2356010 (Mrs Julia) or visit

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