What If Application/System Do not Response after Update?

Update Time: 2019-07-19 19:07:34

1. Introduction

During using phones, when we update the system or software, click on an application or the program does not respond.

2. No response after update.

-No response after application update.
-The phenomenon of no response after system application update.


a) "XXX (any application) does not respond" Please choose to wait or confirm.

3. Cause

1. Application system file loss leading the unresponsiveness.
2. Click on the program or software too fast, the software loading process is not timely.
3. Software and system incompatibility.

4. Recommendations for app.

1. Clean up the cache and data of the software.

a) Settings –-> App Management –-> Application List –-> Find the Software –-> Information Interface into the Program –-> Storage Occupancy –-> Select Clean Data and Cache.
b) Long Press app icon -–> App Info-–> Storage Usage-–> Select Clean Data and Cache.

2. Updating to the latest version after uninstalling the software.
3. Download the app from official channel.

4. Restore Mobile Phone (Backup and Recovery).
Settings --> Other Settings --> Backup and Recovery --> New Backup --> Start Backup --> Return to Other Settings --> Restore Mobile Phone --> Restore System Settings Only.


5. Recommendations for System.

1. Clean the running memory of the phoneClean the background that does not need to use, release the storage, offer enough space for software, so that the software can be used normally.
2. Clean up phone memory junk-Phone cache also occupies a large part of the memory of our mobile phone, some software after the use of data cache will cause a huge memory footprint, such as Facebook, Whatsapp, and a lot many.
3. Commonly not used software can be cleaned.
4. Download the official installation package.
-Download software through official channel, and try to avoid downloading software from other channels, as it is hard to tell the authenticity of the links on the website, and the compatibility of official versions is always good.
-Reinstall the software or reboot the phone.
5. If the official software still doesn't work, try reinstalling it or rebooting your phone.

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