How can I block my realme device if it is lost or stolen? Can I remotely wipe its content?

Update Time: 2019-07-16 09:17:26

Information / Solution

To be able to remotely locate, block, lock or wipe your realme device, you have to register with a device management service, and activate the phone or tablet in this service before you lose the device.

Find My Device.

Note! To use Find My Device, your device must be turned on, have an internet connection and have the location service activated.
Note! The Find My Device service may not be available in all countries or regions.


If you have a Google account, the Find My Device web service can help you locate and secure your device if you ever lose it. You can:

-Remotely locate the device on a map.
-Sound an alert (even if the device is in silent mode) to find the device nearby, or to get someone's attention.
-Remotely lock the device.
-Make the device display your contact information to anyone who finds it.
-Remotely clear the internal and external memory (SD card) of the device, as a last resort.

Enabling the my Find My Device.

To activate Find My Device.

1.Find and tap Settings > Security > Find My Device.
2.If you are activating the service for the first time, enable to agree with the terms and conditions of using the Protection by realme, then tap Accept.

To locate, lock or erase your device using Find My Device.

1.Go to from any Internet-connected device.
2.Sign in using the same Google account that you have set up on your device.
3.Select Locate to locate your device on a map.
4.Select Sound alert to sound an alert to find the device nearby, or to get someone's attention.
5.Select Play sound to lock the device.
6.Select Erase Device to erase the content on the device including the content on the external memory card (SD card).


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